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'Sister Wives': Kody Brown Admits Relationship With Meri Is a Struggle and It Hurts Him Too

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has a lot of things going on in his household. The polygamous husband of Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown is facing four times the struggle during the pandemic.

Separation has been one of the biggest problems for the Brown family ever since they moved to Flagstaff. But their already stressful situation got even worse after the pandemic hit. Will they be able to handle it?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and His Wives Struggle With the Pandemic

On the latest episode of Sister Wives Season 15, Kody Brown visited his mother in Wyoming for her birthday. But the happy reunion was quickly overshadowed with fear and skepticism. Apparently, Kody felt like people in her mother's hometown are not ready for the pandemic, thus increasing the risk of infection.

Meanwhile, back in Flagstaff, things started getting out of hand as COVID-19 cases spiked. Robyn Brown immediately told Kody about the alarming news, prompting him to rush back home.

As the pandemic continues, stricter protocols were put in place to help flatten the curve of infections. The Sister Wives star was left with no choice but to limit his visits to his other wives. This definitely added to the stress of the polygamous family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Meri Brown

Sister Wives star Kody Brown with his wife Meri Brown. Pic Credit: @therealmeribrown/Instagram

Kody's  Struggling Relationship With Meri Brown

Kody Brown also opened up about his relationship with Meri  Brown. In a Tweet, the Sister Wives star admits his relationship with Meri is real and comes with "real struggles" too.

"These are real relationships with real struggles," he wrote. "It bothers you because it is raw and sometimes very sad." Kody goes on to say that it "hurts" him too as much as it hurts their supporters.

It's no secret that Kody and Meri's relationship isn't in the best place at the moment. Many Sister Wives fans noted that the polygamous husband has been rather cold to Meri compared to his other wives. At one point, Kody admitted that he regrets marrying Meri, adding that he felt deceived into marrying her.

Sister Wives Kody Brown 241

Kody Brown admits to being sad about his struggles with Meri. Pic Credit: @realkodybrown/Twitter

Sister Wives: Meri Shares Cryptic Post Following Kody's Confession

Shortly after Kody Brown's confession, Meri Brown took to Instagram and shared yet another cryptic post. The Sister Wives star cited a quote about not being able to change people around her.

It seems Meri also accepts that she can no longer bring back her relationship with Kody the way it used to be. However, it doesn't look like she'll be out of the picture for good. Kody previously said he's not planning on divorcing any of his four wives but they are free to leave anytime they want.

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