Sister Wives: Christine Brown
Sister Wives: Christine Brown

'Sister Wives': Christine Brown Travels to Utah With Her Kids – Kody Nowhere in Sight?

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown remains silent about her current situation with her polygamist husband, Kody Brown. Apparently, Christine struggled with her feelings towards Kody during their season finale. Christine even revealed that she can't do marriage with Kody anymore.

Now, Christine took to social media and shared a weekend getaway with her kids in Utah. However, fans quickly noticed that Kody is missing in action yet again.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown & Kids Travel to Utah Without Kody?

Christine Brown just spent some quality time with her kids in Utah. The Sister Wives star and her family traveled there to watch a live theater show, which she described as very life-changing and inspirational.

However, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed that Kody Brown is missing in the family picture. Some fans even asked Christine in the comments section if he was with them.

Others were convinced that Kody was the one who took the group picture, which is why he's not included in it. However, Christine Brown did not confirm whether or not her polygamous husband accompanied them on the trip.

Sister Wives: Chrstine Brown - Kids
Pic Credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Christine's Struggling Relationship With Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been struggling with her relationship with Kody Brown in recent years. During their latest season, Christine admitted that she sometimes felt like she's a "basement wife."

Christine was also upset after Kody refused to go with their daughter, Ysabel Brown for her major back surgery in New Jersey. Since then, fans think that Christine and Kody called it quits as she never mentions her husband anymore in her recent posts.

Meanwhile, reports claimed that Kody is reconsidering moving back to Utah due to their financial struggles. Allegedly, Kody is planning to sell their Coyote Pass land as they will never be able to push through with construction at this rate.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown
Pic Credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown Shares Rare Picture of Christine & Kody

Meanwhile, Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown shared a rare picture of Kody Brown and Christine Brown during her high school graduation. This just shows that Kody still has connections to Christine and their kids despite their unpleasant season finale.

It also appears that Ysabel has forgiven her father after not coming with her during her back surgery. At this point, Kody's whereabouts are still a mystery to fans.

Fans also think that Kody is no longer staying at Robyn's home after reports claimed that he still hasn't paid over $1K taxes on the property he shares with Robyn.

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