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'Sister Wives': Christine Brown Opens up About 'Sad' Marriage With Kody

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has been making some noise on Instagram after her recent split from Kody Brown. According to Christine, she and Kody have grown apart after 25 years together. Due to this, they had to stop their spiritual marriage as it's already dysfunctional and it cannot be restored.

TLC shared a new teaser for season 16, showing Christine opening up about her unhappy marriage with Kody. She even revealed some shocking details about how he treats her.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gets Real About Sad Marriage With Kody Brown

During an interview, Sister Wives star Christine Brown opened up about her sad marriage with Kody Brown. Christine revealed she never wanted to be estranged from the plural family and have limited physical contact with Kody. However, she ultimately ended up being one of the most snubbed wives in the polygamous family.

Christine added that she and Kody don't even hold hands, and it makes her really sad. Fans also think that Kody's lack of love towards Christine forced her to finally leave. 

Now, Sister Wives fans are hoping that Christine Brown will find a new man that is much better than Kody Brown. They think the reality star deserves so much more than what she had with her polygamous husband.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Pic credit: Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine and Kody Have Already Expected the Split

Christine and Kody Brown's split didn't come as a surprise to many Sister Wives fans. Apparently, they think the separation is a long time coming

There are also insiders close to the plural family claiming that Christine has been devastated with her life in Flagstaff, finally causing her to branch out.

Kody Brown himself also showed signs that he's no longer into Christine Brown. Sister Wives fans also noticed that Kody opposes Christine's opinions instead of listening to her, which is definitely a recipe for disaster.

Sister Wives: Kody - Christine - Robyn - Meri - Janelle Brown

Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives: Can Fans Still Hope for a Better Season Finale?

Fans have seen the struggles of the polygamous family for years. Viewers also noticed the multiple bad endings throughout their past seasons. It even came to the point where fans started calling out the company for making such problematic storylines.

Now, fans are hoping that things will get better for Kody Brown and his wives. However, it seems that it will be a rough road ahead, especially after Christine leaves. 

Fans can only hope that the other wives will stay and Kody will be able to build his housing project. Check back with Showbiz Army for the latest Sister Wives news and updates.