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'Sister Wives': Christine Brown's Flagstaff Home for Sale? Is She Leaving Kody?

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently made headlines after her cross country trip with her daughters. Apparently, Christine's sudden trip with her kids comes after her Flagstaff home was listed for sale.

Now, fans are speculating that the polygamous wife is contemplating leaving the family yet again. This isn't the first time that Christine hinted at leaving Kody Brown. During their latest season, Christine revealed that she couldn't do marriage with Kody anymore.

The Sister Wives star has shown interest in returning to Utah as well. At one point, Christine proposed her idea about going back to their once-called home but ended up getting rejected. Now, fans think that she's making decisions on her own and is planning to leave the polygamous family.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown's Flagstaff Home Listed for Sale?

According to reports, the Flagstaff home of Sister Wives star Christine Brown was listed for sale online. It was priced at $725K, and fans think she plans to leave the plural family soon.

Christine's home sits on a 2.5-acre lot, with three bedrooms and bathrooms. The reality star and her polygamous husband, Kody Brown, bought the property in September 2018 for $520K.

At this point, it's unclear if the house is indeed for sale. However, fans think the idea isn't farfetched, considering Christine's situation with Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Pic Credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Fans Think Christine Wants To Leave the Plural Family

Many are now wondering if Christine Brown considers leaving Kody Brown for good. The Sister Wives star is believed to be unhappy with the way her husband divides his time with his wives.

There were claims that Kody mostly stays at Robyn Brown's home and rarely visits the other wives, including her.

Meanwhile, fans think Sister Wives star Christine Brown contemplates starting a new life in a monogamous relationship. Many are convinced that she would fit in a monogamous marriage as she often seeks love and attention from her husband.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Pic Credit: @christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives: Kody Brown's Return Sparks 5th Wife Rumors

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently returned to Instagram after a year. Kody's sudden comeback sparks speculations that he's looking for a fifth wife.

Reports claimed that Kody proposed to a 25-year-old woman to become his latest wife. However, the woman allegedly rejected him due to Robyn Brown's "controlling antics" in the plural family.

Kody's return to Instagram also drew flak from some of his fans. They think the reality star only made a comeback to promote his Cameo gigs.

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