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Richard Burgi Shares Heart-Wrenching Moment With 97-Year-Old Mother

Former Young and the Restless star Richard Burgi shared an emotional life update with his followers. The veteran actor took to Instagram and opened up about a heart-wrenching moment with his mother, which many find relatable.

Richard Burgi Opens up About 97-Year-old Mother

On March 4, Burgi talked about his loving mother, who is turning 98 soon. The Young and the Restless alum, who played the ruthless Ashland Locke, revealed his mom's living conditions.

Burgi explained that his mother "had been living at a nice assisted-living facility." But after his sister passed away, his niece took it upon herself to move her in with them.

"My mother was so fortunate and so happy," Richard Burgi added, "to have had family and friends, contact and love throughout this pandemic when so many other folks I know couldn't see their loved ones."

Richard Burgi

Pic credit: Richard Burgi/Instagram

Burgi Shares Heartbreaking Moment With His Mom

Unfortunately, her physical needs can't be handled at home anymore. That is when Richard Burgi and the rest of his family decided it was time for their mother to move into a full-time care facility.

Although challenging, the family believes it's the best option for their aging loved one. Burgi has a very close relationship with his mom, so it's definitely hard to see her live in a facility.

But Richard Burgi was stunned by his mother's response. Instead of feeling sad or resisting the move, she told her son that she's ready to go.

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke

Pic credit: CBS

"I held her hand as I tucked her in, and she told me that she was praying for God to take her before her next birthday," the actor added. "She said she's had a great life is ready to meet her loved ones on the other side."

Richard Burgi ended his post by reminding everyone to be grateful for the gift of life, especially during such a difficult time.

"During this time of such chaos in the world," Burgi said, "I pray that more people find humble gratitude in their blessings and challenges and remember, 'from dust we came and to dust shall we return.'"

Richard Burgi

Pic credit: Richard Burgi/Instagram

Richard Burgi's Tough 2022

The past couple of months has been rather tough for Richard Burgi. In January, the veteran actor confirmed his exit on Young and the Restless as Ashland Locke.

At the time, Burgi revealed that he was let go after violating the show's COVID-19 protocol. The actor was supposed to isolate for ten days but only did five. Although he tested negative twice before returning to set, he still got the ax from the show.

Despite that, Richard Burgi respected the decision and even wished his replacement, Robert Newman, the best of luck. Burgi is now enjoying time with his wife before embarking on his new acting adventure.