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Breaking News: Richard Burgi Confirms Why He Was Fired From 'Y&R'

Young and the Restless are still not over the fact that Richard Burgi will soon leave the show. The actor recently announced his future exit after a year of playing the role of Ashland Locke.

Ever since his announcement, many have been speculating the reason behind his sudden departure. Now, he and his wife finally revealed what prompted the exit.

'Young and the Restless': Richard Burgi Confirms Exit on the Show

Ashland Locke's days are numbered on Young and the Restless — at least for Richard Burgi. The veteran actor confirmed that he would soon leave the show after joining the cast last year.

In an Instagram post, Richard announced that he's wrapping up his run on Y&R and that he's "moving on from the show."

"I want to say thank you to all of you wonderful folks who have been so kind and generous and supportive with your words," the Young and the Restless actor wrote. "I have such gratitude for the support. I'm moving on from the show."

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke - Richard Burgi

Pic credit: Richard Burgi/Instagram

Why Is Richard Leaving?

Richard Burgi finally disclosed the exact reason why he's leaving the long-running CBS soap. Many Young and the Restless viewers are curious to know what triggered the decision, especially since his role as Ashland Locke has been well-received.

Interestingly, it seems the original Ashland Locke's exit was not Richard's decision at all. In an IG comment, the actor's wife, Liliana Lopez, revealed it wasn't her husband's choice to leave but the show's writers.

"Nope! Their choice! It's the writers," she responded to a fan asking if it was Richard Burgi's decision to leave Young and the Restless.

Liliana added that the decision was a big shock to everyone. She said her husband loves his Young and the Restless family. Despite everything, she assured fans that Richard Burgi would have "bigger and better" things ahead.

Young and the Restless: Ashland Locke - Richard Burgi

Pic credit: Richard Burgi/Instagram

Meanwhile, Richard Burgi also set the record straight about what really happened. The actor confirmed that he was let go after violating the show's COVID-19 protocol.

The Y&R celeb was supposed to isolate for ten days but only did five. Even though he tested negative twice, he still got the ax from the show. Still, Richard said he respects the show's decision and wishes his replacement the best of luck.

This has been a serious issue in the industry lately. Multiple actors have suffered the same fate for not following COVID-19 protocols, particularly getting vaccinated.

Y&R: What's Next for Ashland Locke?

Earlier, it was confirmed that there would be a recast of Ashland Locke. Young and the Restless replaced Richard Burgi with soap veteran Robert Newman.

The actor is best known for playing Joshua Lewis on The Guiding Light. Fans are now looking forward to seeing how the story plays out, especially with the new Locke-Ness monster. It has yet to be revealed what episode Robert Newman will start his run on the show.