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'Married at First Sight': Amelia Fatsi Keeps Self Busy Amid Split From Bennet Kirschner?

Married at First Sight fan favorites Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner may have lost the spark in their experimental marriage, according to rumors. The quirky couple allegedly called it quits after more than a year of being husband and wife.

Bennett and Amelia braved the unconventional union, which was made even more challenging by the public eye. The two managed to make things work even after their time on the show ended. So when speculations of their split surfaced online, many were shocked. But is it really over between the two?

Married at First Sight: Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner Split Rumors Continue

It looks like Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi's breakup rumors won't be dying anytime soon. The Married at First Sight stars allegedly parted ways, and it's something more "permanent" this time.

A source who claims to have information about the split alleged that Amelia and Bennett went their separate ways a few months ago. She added that the two decided to end their marriage due to communication issues and distance brought by the pandemic.

However, such claims have yet to be verified. The Married at First Sight stars haven't confirmed anything yet. This definitely isn't helping the situation, but Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner don't seem bothered at all.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner - Amelia Fatsi

Pic credit: @bennett_here/Instagram

Amelia Not Bothered by Rumored Breakup From Bennett?

Amid all the breakup talks online, Bennett Kirschner and Amelia Fatsi opted to stay mum about it. The MAFS cast members have not officially addressed the matter, intensifying the speculations even more.

Amelia, in particular, shows no sign of being affected by the supposed split. The resident doctor from Virginia has been keeping herself busy both at work and in her personal life.

Married at First Sight: Bennett Kirschner - Amelia Fatsi

Pic credit: @ameliafatsi/Instagram

MAFS Stars Keep Themselves Busy Amid Rumored Split

Amelia Fatsi recently broke her silence on social media with yet another quirky post. The Married at First star shared a fun clip of herself, still having fun while on duty at the hospital.

She also made another post hanging out with a male friend at the park. Amelia appeared to have a blast balancing herself on the man's feet, almost as if they're doing a circus trick. Many pointed out that she looks pretty comfortable with the guy, suggesting that there's something special bond between the two.

Meanwhile, Bennett Kirschner and his band, TV Pole Shine, recently released their very first full-length album To Screw in a Lightbulb. The theater teacher has always dreamt of spreading his music to the world. And now, he's one step closer to fulfilling his goals. But will he be able to share his sweet success with Amelia Fatsi?

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