LPBW: Matt Roloff
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'LPBW': Matt Roloff Confirms New Season & Gives His Two Cents

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Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World expressed his frustration that his youngest son, Jacob Roloff, refuses to show his grandson's face to their fans. Jacob and his wife, Isabel Rock Roloff, prefer to keep their son's life, Mateo Tomas, as private as possible. Unfortunately, this decision isn't sitting well with a few fans of the hit TLC reality series.

Little People, Big World: Fans Want to See Mateo Roloff's Face

Matt recently shared a photo of himself hanging out with his grandson. Mateo, who was wearing a bear onesie, had his back to the camera, so his face wasn't visible. One fan felt "really sad" and "upset" that she couldn't see what Mateo looked like.

"I'm really sad that we don't get to see Mateo," wrote one follower on Matt's Instagram post. "Followed all through the pregnancy and every sense [sic] Little People (Big World) started the show it sure is upsetting not to finely [sic] get to see him."

Another fan agreed with her sentiments but insisted that they should respect the parents' decision regarding their child. "I get it, but it's not our choice to see his face," commented the fan.

LPBW: Matt Roloff
Pic credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

LPBW: Matt Roloff Wants Everyone to See Mateo 

Matt, 60, replied, saying he also wanted "everyone to see him one day" but also stressed that he respected his "very smart" son and daughter-in-law.

"I know," Matt wrote. "I've tried to present some ideas, but Jacob and Izzy are very smart, and they know what they want for the little guy, and I respect that. But he's soooooo cute. I definitely want everyone to see him one day."

It's no secret that Jacob and Isabel prefer a more private life compared to the rest of the Roloff family. They want to keep things as private as possible when it comes to their children. The young couple talked it out and agreed that they "wanted to protect his privacy online," so they will "share very little" about Mateo.

The 24-year-old father hasn't appeared on Little People, Big World since 2016. He caused some controversy when he left the show saying the producers stirred drama to gain better ratings. 

The former LPBW star has since patched things up with Matt, his mom Amy, and the rest of the family but still prefers to stay away from the limelight.

LPBW: Matt Roloff - Jacob Roloff - Isabel Roloff
Pic credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Matt Confirms New LPBW Season

Meanwhile, Matt Roloff seemingly confirmed that there will be a brand new season of Little People, Big World. The TLC personality hinted at the show's return on social media, much to everyone's surprise.

When a fan commented that they  hope to see the family back on the small screen, Matt replied with a short yet meaningful, "U will." This sent fans into a frenzy, especially since the show hasn't been on air since August last year.

Matt Roloff is not the only one hinting at LPBW's major comeback. Amy Roloff previously confirmed that she and her husband, Chris Marek, have signed up for two more seasons.

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