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'Little People, Big World': Isabel Shares Mateo's 'Magical' First Snow

Little People, Big World star Isabel Roloff continues to bask in the joy of motherhood. The wife of Jacob Roloff loves every minute of being a mom to their son, Mateo Tomas.

Isabel has been documenting Mateo's milestones, including his many firsts. Recently, the little boy experienced snow for the first time, and it's definitely adorable.

Little People, Big World: Isabel Roloff Shares Another First for Mateo

Proud mama Isabel Roloff just shared another milestone for her son, Mateo Tomas. The LPBW star took to Instagram and posted a photo of baby Mateo enjoying his first encounter with snow.

In the photo, Isabel holds up Mateo, giving him a full view of the snow-covered surroundings. Although both of them were facing away from the camera, it's clear that they enjoyed the sweet moment.

"Mateo's first snow, so magical," Isabel Roloff captioned the post.

LPBW: Isabel Roloff - Mateo Tomas

Pic cedit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

Mateo's First Snow Reminds Isabel of This Iconic Scene

Many also took notice of Mateo's cute outfit. The newest LPBW family member donned a comfy-looking teddy bear onesie, giving off an effect that Isabel was holding up a cuddly bear.

Others couldn't help but compare Isabel and Mateo's pose to the iconic scene from the Lion King. Interestingly, Isabel has the same thought in mind.

"Lmao! I almost captioned this 'HAAAASAVENYAA' but wasn't sure if y'all would get it," the Little People, Big World mom revealed. "Y'all in the comments: Lion King moment."

LPBW: Jacob Roloff

Pic credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

LPBW: Isabel and Jacob Roloff Clap Back at Haters Telling Them To Show Mateo's Face

Meanwhile, some criticized Isabel and Jacob Roloff for not showing Mateo's face on social media. One commenter bluntly told the LPBW mom to "just turn [Mateo] around," rudely asking her "what's the problem."

But first-time dad Jacob Roloff is not taking the senseless remark sitting down. He responded to the comment, bluntly telling the user that people like him are the problem.

Jacob has always been open about his desire to keep his son away from the limelight. The Little People, Big World star intends not to share photos of Mateo's face on social media to maintain his privacy as much as possible.

This decision drew mixed reactions from LPBW fans. Some think the couple is overreacting, while others believe they're being overprotective.

On the other hand, some lauded Jacob and Isabel's decision to keep Mateo away from the spotlight, especially online. It's no secret that social media could get pretty harsh and toxic even for kids. It's likely a smart move, after all, considering the traumatic past of Jacob Roloff.