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'Little Couple': A Closer Look at Bill and Jen's Youngest Kid Zoey Klein

Time flies fast for The Little Couple stars Dr. Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein. The TLC couple's beautiful children, Will and Zoey, are growing up right before the public's eyes.

Zoey, in particular, has come a long way ever since her adoption in 2013. Let's take a closer look at Jen and Bill's youngest child.

Little Couple: Zoey Klein Was an Orphan

Zoey Klein was born on September 22, 2011. She was only two years old when Jen and Bill traveled to India to adopt her. Prior to her adoption, Zoey lived in an orphanage. The adoption was featured in Season 6 The Little Couple.

Zoey Had Surgery but Not Because of Dwarfism

It's common for people with dwarfism to go under the knife for various reasons. Zoey Klein, however, had surgery to get a new set of inner ear tubes to replace the ones that fell out. 

This procedure is quite common among children around Zoey's age. The surgery took just 15 minutes, and she was "all set for a hot dog" after just a couple of hours. 

Zoey is still expected to have surgeries in the future, but it seems like there's nothing this "brave girl" can't handle.

Little Couple: Zoey Klein

Pic credit: Jen Arnold/Instagram

Little Couple: Zoey Is a Strong Girl

Being an orphan is tough. Living her first couple of years in an orphanage then growing up in a foreign country with a group of strangers is also tough. In fact, Zoey Klein had a hard time transitioning to her new life. 

Jen shared that Zoey "wanted nothing to do" with the family at the start, and it took "months before she really came around." That experience, along with the love of her adoptive family, definitely help her grow up as a strong person.

The Little Couple fan-favorite is also physically strong. Around November last year, Jen posted a photo on her Instagram account showing William and Zoey "behind bars." 

The siblings were posing as if they were inside a prison cell, though they were actually just having fun exploring Fort De Soto in Florida. The Little Couple fans quickly noticed that Zoey was holding her whole body up with just her two hands. Many of them were in disbelief at the child's upper body strength.

Little Couple: Will - Zoey Klein

Pic credit: Jen Arnold/Instagram

Zoey Had a Speech Impediment

Zoey Klein underwent speech therapy in her early years. The young Little Couple star had to go to treatment for over two years with Dr. Anna L. Eifert, a speech-language pathologist. According to Dr. Eifert, Zoey had difficulty with her speech because of her early exposure to the Indian language.

The Little Couple: Will - Zoe

Pic credit: Jennifer Arnold/Instagram

She Recently Took a Sleep Study Test

In December 2021, Zoey Klein went through a sleep study test to see if she had obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). According to Jen, children with achondroplasia are 50% more likely to suffer from the said breathing disorder. 

Undiagnosed and untreated OSA may lead to hypertension, stroke, and other serious medical issues. The rest of the family also goes through sleep studies regularly. In fact, Will is already using a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine in his sleep.