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'Counting On': Jessa Duggar's Rebel Sis-in-Law Doubles Her Muscles After Filing For Divorce

Counting On stars Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have inspired many for their healthy and strong marriage. However, it's the opposite with Jessa's sister-in-law, Jessica Seewald. She filed for divorce from her husband, Dwight Phillip.

Now, Jessica, an Arkansas cop, just shared an update about her muscular body. This time, she doubled it even further a few weeks after her divorce.

Counting On: Jessica Seewald Doubles Her Muscles?

In an Instagram post, Jessica Seewald shared photos of herself during one of her many workout sessions. The sister-in-law of Counting On star Jessa Dugga proudly showed off the result of her hard work at the gym.

It appears that Jessica has doubled her efforts since divorcing her husband, as her muscles noticeably grew larger. Many were impressed by her toned body, which she's been working on for quite a while now.

Some fans also noted that Jessica doesn't seem too affected by the divorce. Instead of sulking over her failed marriage, she opted to live her best life. 

Counting On: Jessica Seewald

Pic Credit: @realjessicaseewald/Instagram

Jessica Seewald's Divorce

Counting On fans were shocked after learning about the divorce of Jessa Duggar's sister-in-law, Jessica Seewald. The Duggars strictly forbids divorce. However, Jessica has her reasons why she decided to part ways with her husband.

According to reports, Jessica's husband admitted to rudeness, hate, abuse, and neglect allegations that Jessica made towards him. Due to this, fans think it's reasonable to file a divorce instead of living in a marriage that no longer works.

Jessica filed a divorce against her husband on May 21, 2021. Their marriage only lasted for two years.

Counting On: Jessica Seewald

Pic Credit: @realjessicaseewald/Instagram

Counting On: Will The Other Duggars Follow?

Counting On fans think that Jessica Seewald's divorce will be the game-changer inside the Duggar family. Apparently, the Duggars are currently facing legal troubles after Josh Duggar's child porn arrest. Since then, fans have been encouraging Anna Duggar to file a divorce against her disgraced husband.

Despite their strict beliefs against divorce, fans think that Anna can still decide to leave Josh, especially with his immoral behavior. However, reports claimed that Josh is siding with Josh and thinks he's innocent. At this point, the Duggars have yet to share updates about Josh's arrest.

However, reports recently surfaced stating that Josh's child porn case lawyers will hold interviews with the "child witnesses" in a closed court to protect their identities.

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