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Counting On: Is Claire Spivey Hiding Baby Bump? Fans Think So

Counting On fans have been speculating that Claire Spivey might be pregnant before she even got married. It all started when Justin Duggar decided to tie the knot with Claire a few months earlier than their expected wedding date.

Now, fans keep a close eye on the couple, and they might just found another clue about Claire's supposed pregnancy.

Counting On: Fans Think Claire Is Hiding Her Tummy

In an Instagram post, Claire Spivey's mother, Hilary Spivey, shared a picture with her daughter and Justin Duggar. According to Hilary, they went on a double date night with the young couple.

However, eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed Claire's body appeared to be purposely cropped out of the photo. Some think she's hiding the lower part of her body to hide her pregnancy.

Fans also noticed that most of Claire's photos lately on social media are half-body shots. While it's true that it could merely be just a coincidence, others think there's a more significant reason for that.

It's no secret that the Duggars tend to have big announcements whenever a family member gets pregnant. This led some to believe that the Counting On couple is planning on making an official pregnancy reveal soon. So far, Justin and Claire have yet to address the pregnancy rumors.

Counting On: Justin Duggar - Claire Spivey - Hilary Spivey

Pic Credit: @hilaryspivey/Instagram

Claire and Justin Step Away From the Duggars?

Counting On fans have noticed that Claire Spivey and Justin Duggar haven't been keeping in touch with the Duggars. Apparently, Justin and Claire settled in Texas even though reports claimed that Jim Bob Duggar wanted his son to stay in Arkansas.

Now, Justin has been allowing Claire to do different things that are against the strict rules of his family. One of which is wearing pants. This led some to believe that the couple is slowly stepping away from the Duggars to live their own lives more independently. It is worth noting though that it's all speculations at this point, so it's best to take everything with a grain of salt.

Counting On: Justin Duggar - Claire Spivey

Pic Credit: @claireduggar01/Instagram

Counting On: Is This Major Hint That Claire Is Pregnant?

Meanwhile, Counting On fans were left guessing as to whether or not Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey are expecting their first child already. This is after a comment from a fan congratulating Claire on her supposed pregnancy was deleted.

It's unclear who exactly deleted the congratulatory message. Many quickly jumped to speculations that the comment was deleted to hide Claire's rumored pregnancy. For now, fans will have to wait and see if the couple is really expecting a child.

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