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'Counting On': Amy Duggar Shares Cryptic Message Days Before Josh Duggar's Arrest

Former Counting On star Josh Duggar made headlines recently after his shocking arrest. The son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar was jailed on federal charges after being accused of possessing child pornography. He is scheduled to defend himself against the accusations on May 5, 2021.

However, it appears some of the Duggars already knew it's going to happen. One of which is Amy Duggar King, who's popular for being the rebellious cousin of the Duggars. Apparently, Amy shared a cryptic message that seems to predict the upcoming arrest of Josh.

Counting On: Amy Duggar Shares Cryptic Message Days Before Josh's Arrest

In a Twitter post, Counting On star Amy Duggar King appeared to have hinted at the arrest of Josh Duggar. The reality star talked about "solo parenting" and the sacrifices that come along with it.

"Shout out to those who are solo parenting," Amy wrote. "You are amazing and you do SO much and one day for kids will see all the sacrifice and will love you even more for it."

The Counting On star ended her post with a cryptic message, "I just felt like someone needed to read this tonight. Stay strong."

Many were quick to assume that Amy's post was directed at Anna Duggar and the difficulties she's about to face following Josh's arrest. It's unclear if Amy was indeed referring to Josh and Anna in her post.


Counting On: Amy Duggar King

Pic Credit: @amyduggar/Twitter

Anna Duggar Called Her Husband a 'Diligent Worker' Before His Arrest

In an Instagram post, Counting On star Anna Duggar replied to a fan slamming her husband for having seven kids. According to the fan, Josh Duggar can't handle seven kids due to his life situation. Apparently, reports claim that Josh has been struggling with keeping steady employment because of his molestation scandal.

However, Anna did not hold back and told the fan that Josh is a diligent worker. According to Anna, her husband has been working very hard for their family and he can support all of their kids. However, things went south after Josh's recent arrest, just weeks after Anna's pregnancy announcement.

Counting On: Anna Duggar - Josh Duggar

Pic Credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Counting On: The Duggars Turned off Their Comments Sections

Most of the Duggars have turned their comments section off after the recent arrest of former Counting On star Josh Duggar. It appears the family doesn't want to make things even more complicated. However, the Duggars recently made a statement about Josh's recent arrest.

On their official website, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar opened up about their son's recent controversy. According to them, the accusations brought against Josh are very serious. However, they're praying that the truth will come to light no matter what it is.

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