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'Bold and the Beautiful' Star Rena Sofer Shares Risque Masterpiece

Bold and the Beautiful star Rena Sofer proves there's more to it than her character as Quinn Fuller Forrester on the hit CBS soap. The stunning actress just showcased the other side of her that some viewers may not know about her.

Bold and the Beautiful: Rena Sofer Shows off Creative Side With Racy Art

Rena Sofer unleashed her creativity once again, and fans are loving it. The Bold and the Beautiful actress recently took to her Instagram Stories and shared her latest work of art.

Rena, who is famous for her role as Quinn Forrester, wowed fans with her hidden talent. Many find it unexpected that she has such artistic skills — something that she looks pretty proud of.

Rena Sofer shared a short clip of her latest pottery masterpiece — a handmade clay sculpture with a rather eyebrow-raising design. The B&B beauty formed what appeared to be half of a woman's upper body.

The risque pottery features a single bosom protruding in front. The handle seems to be an arm on the waist.

Bold and the Beautiful: Rena Sofer

Pic credit: @rena.sofer/Instagram

Rena's Creative and Racy Ideas

Rena Sofer then turned the artwork around, revealing a more jaw-dropping concept. The other side of the sculpture features a woman's private part with a very detailed design. 

"Yup. That's what that is!" the Bold and the Beautiful star seemingly confirmed her fans' guesses. Rena revealed that her latest racy creation is still a work in progress. Still, it managed to pique the interest of her followers and other art lovers too.

This isn't the first time Rena Sofer created such a revealing artwork. In the past, the actress has done pottery inspired by the female body.

The Bold and the Beautiful star has done other pieces, including meticulously designed vases, bowls, and even "donut pipes." It's clear that Rena knows a thing or two about pottery, and she's actually good at it.

Bold and the Beautiful: Rena Sofer

Pic credit: @rena.sofer/Instagram

Bold and the Beautiful: Rena Shares Love of Pottery

Rena Sofer has always been into the art of clay and pottery. The Bold and the Beautiful star often spends her free time honing her skills, creating beautiful masterpieces at home.

In one of her posts, Rena revealed how clay "saved [her] life." She explained that being able to create something out of it makes her feel "at peace."

"When life gets to be too much, I lose myself in clay," the Bold and the Beautiful star wrote. "I love the fluidity of it and also the structure. When I can make something I'm proud of out of something from the Earth, I feel at peace."

Rena Sofer also revealed that the art of pottery heals her in many ways. "I know most believe what we actors do is art, but I don't think that has ever resonated with me," the B&B actress added. "I don't know why. It wasn't until I was almost 50 that I discovered the art that inspired me and made me feel whole. I guess that's my next journey. To figure out the why to that question. But for now, I am thankful for the clay."

It's clear that Rena Sofer still has a lot to offer. She's not just the pretty face of Quinn Forrester on the Bold and the Beautiful. Hopefully, fans can see more of her creations in the future. Be on the lookout for future updates about her on Showbiz Army.