Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Douglas Forrester
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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Thomas Corrupts Douglas?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Douglas Forrester will be in a tight spot again. The little boy might just be the key to exposing the truth, which could spell trouble for Thomas Forrester.

B&B viewers know that Thomas is back to his old ways and is doing a great job concealing it from his family. He framed Brooke Logan by using her voice in a CPS call, which ultimately ended her marriage to Ridge Forrester.

Now that Ridge Forrester and Taylor Hayes are preparing for the future, Thomas wants to make sure that nothing gets in the way. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 14 to 18 reveal he will protect his sordid secret, even if it means corrupting Douglas' mind.

Douglas Discovers Thomas' Secret

It looks like Douglas Forrester will discover Thomas Forrester's dark secret. Bold and the Beautiful preview for the week shows the young boy telling his dad that what he did was "wrong."

Further spoilers note that Thomas will reprimand Douglas for not removing the voice-changing app from his phone. The young boy will be upset when his dad takes it away and deletes all his saved data.

When Douglas tells Donna Logan about it, she suggests that they could still be retrieved. Perhaps Douglas did end up restoring the deleted voice recordings from his phone. After all, he's a bright young man.

Additional Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Ridge will walk in on Thomas giving Douglas an earful about the sketchy app. Will he suspect that his son is up to something?

Bold and the Beautiful:  Douglas Forrester
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Thomas Manipulates Douglas on Bold and the Beautiful

If Douglas Forrester did recover the deleted audio on his phone, he could easily listen to his dad's recording of Brooke Logan's voice. Maybe he will put two and two together and confront Thomas Forrester about it.

Bold and the Beautiful teasers for the week show the father and son having a serious talk. It seems Douglas discovered that Thomas used Brooke's voice to make the CPS call.

He will encourage his dad to come clean but to no avail. Instead, Thomas will warn Douglas that nothing should stop Ridge and Taylor's wedding from happening.

Thomas knows that if the truth comes out, his parents' reunion will be in jeopardy. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that he will manipulate Douglas and ask him to keep the truth to himself.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Douglas Forrester
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Rough Week Ahead for Douglas on B&B

Poor Douglas will be forced to lie again. Previously, he was told to keep quiet about Brooke Logan and Deacon Sharpe's New Year's Eve kiss.

Further spoilers reveal that Douglas will have a rough week ahead on Bold and the Beautiful. Perhaps he will struggle to keep Thomas' secret. He might feel guilty about the whole situation, which could be overwhelming for someone his age.

Bold and the Beautiful:  Douglas Forrester
Pic credit: CBS

Recently, B&B Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk hinted at a progression in the CPS call debacle. He noted that Douglas will play a huge role in it and that he'll have a lot to do this week.

Could Douglas spill the beans just in time for Ridge and Taylor's wedding? Or will he give in to Thomas' manipulation on Bold and the Beautiful?

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