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'B&B' Producer Agrees Thomas Needs This In His Life Now

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Bold and the Beautiful fans have been very vocal about their opinion of Thomas Forrester's current storyline on the show. While some weren't surprised to see him back to his old ways, others were very disappointed with how he's being portrayed on the show.

It seems Thomas is being thrown under the bus again, and B&B Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk is taking the heat for it. During his latest Bold Live, he addressed some of the fans' disappointment and hinted at what to expect in the next episodes to come.

Bold and the Beautiful Producer Takes the Heat for Thomas' Storyline?

During his Bold Live episode, B&B Supervising Producer Casey Kasprzyk was asked by disappointed fans as to why Thomas regressed. They noted that he's been doing a great job staying on the right track, not until that fateful CPS call.

Some couldn't help but question why Kasprzyk and the writers seem to throw Thomas under the bus, always making him look like the bad guy. In response, the Bold and the Beautiful producer stated that Thomas had a lot going on even when he was younger.

Kasprzyk cited the incident where Thomas blew up Rick's car and the fact that he started drinking at a very young age. He added that "people can't change who they are" that easily, implying that Matthew Atkinson's character is far from making real improvements.

Casey was also accused of saying, "Nobody like Thomas," which he vehemently denied. He clarified that Thomas has "done things to have people not like him" on Bold and the Beautiful, adding that there's a huge difference between those statements.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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Casey Kasprzyk on Thomas' Love Interest

B&B fans who tuned in to Casey Kasprzyk's Bold Live also expressed their hope to see Thomas Forrester with a new love interest. They think the thing with Hope Logan is getting really boring and repetitive.

Some are even okay with bringing back past characters for Thomas, including Zoe, Gaby, Caitlin, and even Caroline. But a big hit with fans is Sally Spectra, who they think is the perfect match for the Forrester designer.

Previously, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers teased that Thomas would have a summer romance. Fans patiently waited for it to happen, thinking that he was finally getting a new love interest. However, he ended up being drawn back to Hope, much to fans' dismay.

Kasprzyk seems to acknowledge that Thomas does need someone other than Hope. "We need to work on a love interest for Thomas," he added.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Sally Spectra
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Casey Drops Hints at What to Expect Next Week

Meanwhile, Casey Kasprzyk dropped some intriguing spoilers about what to expect on Bold and the Beautiful in the upcoming episodes. He hinted at some progression about the CPS call debacle coming up next week.

He also revealed that it might be a rough week ahead and that Douglas Forrester has a lot to do about it. Perhaps the truth about the CPS call will unfold because of the little boy.

Bold and the Beautiful: Douglas Forrester - Thomas Forrester
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Kasprzyk also teased that fans might be "pleasantly surprised" by the outcome of this storyline. Will Tridge's wedding push through despite the truth? Will Thomas end up being forgiven again by his family? It's definitely going to be a November to remember on Bold and the Beautiful.

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