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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Jack Returns to Another Heartbreaking Loss?

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers tease Jack Finnegan (Ted King) returns to another tragic loss. Jack believes that his son, John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan), died from being shot. 

To make matters worse, Finn was shot by his twisted birth mother. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) escaped prison and terrorized Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda). Sheila was angry that Li let the world think that Finn had died while she secretly cared for her comatose son.

Li tried to escape Sheila and made it to her car. However, Ms. Carter was in hot pursuit. When Sheila rammed the back of Li's car, it burst into flames and plunged into the water. It does not seem likely that Li survived. 

B&B spoilers for the week of June 27 to July 1 note that Sheila will realize that Finn's survival depends solely on her. She is the only one who knows that her son is alive. 

However, she will soon have help from her old sidekick, Mike Guthrie (Ken Hanes). Moreover, Sheila is the only one who knows what happens to Li on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter - Li Finnegan

Pic credit: CBS

B&B: Jack Returns for Li

Jack Finnegan has been conspicuously absent from the time that Finn has been shot. Li Finnegan was estranged from Jack from the moment she learned of his affair with Sheila Carter. 

That affair resulted in Finn's birth. However, Bold And The Beautiful summer spoilers reveal that Jack will return to our screens. Further spoilers suggest he will be in search of Li. Jack will turn to Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) and Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) for answers about his missing wife.

Jack could learn that Li was involved in a fiery car crash. He would have to mourn the loss of his son and his wife. 

Jack may even suspect that Li's so-called death is linked to Sheila's recent escape. If Sheila could shoot her son, she would be more than capable of harming Li. Jack may vow to make Sheila pay on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Jack Finnegan

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Will Jack Find Finn on Bold and the Beautiful?

Jack's search for Li will likely put him in contact with Sheila. What if Jack shows up at Li's place? He could encounter the escaped convict. That would raise alarm bells. 

Jack may force his way in and find Finn — much like Sheila did. He would be stunned to discover Finn is alive. Sheila may let it slip that Li is gone. 

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter - Finn Finnegan

Pic credit: CBS

Yet Jack may put himself in grave danger. Sheila and Mike would certainly want to keep him quiet.

Another scenario could be that Li somehow escaped the burning car. Li will fear for Finn's life and need help. Maybe Li would contact Jack.

Naturally, Jack would be stunned by the turn of events. The couple could work together to save Finn. Either way, Jack will be a part of Finn's storyline at last on The Bold And The Beautiful.