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'Bold and the Beautiful' Rumors: Li Saves Bill From Sheila's Spell?

Bold and the Beautiful shocker shows Bill Spencer being enamored of Sheila Carter. The media mogul declared his love for the toeless criminal, much to everyone's surprise.

Bill seems ready to do anything and leave everyone for Sheila. It's almost as if he's under her spell. Will someone be able to bring him back to his senses on B&B?

Bill's True Feelings for Sheila?

Bill Spencer and Sheila Carter are the couple no one saw coming on Bold and the Beautiful. Apparently, a lot happened between the two off-camera, making them a real item.

However, Steffy Forrester, and everybody else, find it hard to believe that Dollar Bill falls for Sheila. But can they blame him?

Considering where he's at in his life right now, it's not surprising that he'll find someone who can accept him for who he is. Sheila feeds Bill's worst instincts and he doesn't have to fight against them. 

Bold and the Beautiful actor Don Diamont states that his character, Bill, knows that Sheila is a "homicidal maniac." Still, he has empathy for her, especially since he's made his own bad decisions too.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter - Bill Spencer

Pic credit: CBS

Will Li Save Bill?

At this point, it doesn't look like Steffy Forrester can convince Bill Spencer to drop Sheila Carter. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Bill is in a place of utter conflict. He doesn't want to hurt Steffy, but he also can't give up Sheila.

Perhaps Li Finnegan will be able to change Bill's mind. B&B rumors suggest that she might be the one to free him from Sheila's clutches.

Li and Bill formed a special friendship when he saved her from grave danger. He also helped her adoptive son, Finn, reunite with Steffy in Monte Carlo.

For a time, Bold and the Beautiful viewers were convinced that Bill and Li would become a couple. Even their portrayers, Naomi Matsuda and Don Diamont think they'll make a good match.

Maybe Li could spark Bill's feelings for her. After all, they were, at one point, quite flirty with each other. Is Bill Spencer better off with Li Finnegan on B&B?

Bold and the Beautiful: Li Finnegan

Pic credit: CBS

Is It Too Late?

Katie Logan could also help change Bill Spencer's mind. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease she'll praise her ex-husband for turning Sheila Carter in. She admits that she still cares about him and that the idea of Sheila hurting him is unthinkable.

However, it might be too late to change Bill's mind. Sheila has him wrapped around her finger. Whether her feelings for Bill are genuine remains to be seen on B&B.