Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Sheila Carter
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'B&B' Speculation: Bill's Elaborate Scheme Frees Sheila for Good?

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Bold and the Beautiful speculation suggests Bill Spencer has more tricks up his sleeve. He shocked Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan when he declared an alliance with Sheila Carter.

But things took an interesting turn when Dollar Bill handed Sheila over to the police. Is this end for the toeless fugitive? Or is it just the beginning of something bigger?

Bill and Sheila's Blood Pact

Bill Spencer seems confident that he can secure Sheila Carter's freedom. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for January 2 to 6 reveal he purposely calls the police on her.

Dollar Bill wants Sheila apprehended, but it's all part of his scheme. He tells her it's going to be a rough road for a bit, but going to jail is a necessary step.

"I will then do everything in my power to get you out," Bill promises Sheila. "You will be a free woman again, and we can be together."

Sheila then declares her love and pricks her finger using Bill's necklace. She smears the blood on her lips before kissing him goodbye.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Sheila Carter
Pic credit: CBS

Bill's Sinister Plan Frees Sheila for Good?

It's clear that Bill Spencer and Sheila Carter have an elaborate scheme, but what exactly is it? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease it's going to be a bombshell that'll make the impossible possible.

Perhaps Bill sends Sheila to jail to make her a legally free woman. He could easily blackmail Steffy and Finn to drop all charges against her.

Dollar Bill already threatened that he'd sue Taylor Hayes for shooting him. Naturally, Steffy and Finn will do anything to protect her. Will they withdraw charges against Sheila to save Taylor from jail time?

If charges are dropped, Sheila might be a free woman in no time. Then she and Bill could be together again. They might even go public with their romance on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Sheila Carter
Pic credit: CBS

Bill and Sheila Want More?

Of course, their reign of terror doesn't stop there. Bill Spencer might blackmail Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan again to accept Sheila Carter into their family.

Dollar Bill knows he has a hold on the couple and will likely use it in any way possible. Steffy and Finn will definitely be in a tough spot if Bill and Sheila's scheme continues.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Steffy Forrester
Pic credit: CBS

Added spoilers for the week tease that Sheila will taunt Li Finnegan, declaring that she'll be back in Finn and Hayes' lives soon. Will Bill make it happen on Bold and the Beautiful?

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