Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Taylor Hayes
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'B&B' Rumors: Will Taylor Make the Ultimate Sacrifice?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Sheila Carter continues to strike terror into Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan. This is despite her recent arrest after Bill Spencer purposely called the cops on her.

It seems Steffy and Finn are right to worry. B&B rumors suggest Sheila and Bill are brewing something big, making the impossible possible.

Bill Blackmails Steffy?

When Bill Spencer contacted authorities about Sheila Carter, everyone was taken aback. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show the media mogul handing over the fugitive to Deputy Chief Baker.

But before parting ways, he gave Sheila an alarming promise. He'll get her out of jail as soon as possible.

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Sheila getting arrested is just the beginning of Bill's elaborate scheme. Perhaps he'll continue to blackmail Steffy and Finn to give Sheila her freedom.

He recently threatened to press charges against Taylor Hayes for shooting him years ago. He could use that again and demand that Steffy and Finn drop all charges against Sheila.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Sheila Carter
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Steffy and Finn Protect Taylor?

If Steffy and Finn withdraw charges, Sheila could be a free woman. She might even go public with her romance with Bill.

The idea of Finn and Steffy falling for Bill's scheme is not far-fetched. The couple will likely protect Taylor at all costs.

But there might be something more to Bill's plans. Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest he will not stop until he fulfills Sheila's other desires.

Perhaps Bill will threaten Steffy and Finn again, this time demanding that they accept Sheila into the family. The ruthless criminal wants nothing more than to be part of their lives.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester - Finn Finnegan
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Taylor Makes a Sacrifice on Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor Hayes may not want Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan making bad decisions, especially because of her. Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest she will stop the couple from protecting her.

Perhaps Taylor will make the sacrifice and turn herself in. After all, she did shoot Bill Spencer. Maybe it's time to pay for it on B&B.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes
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If Taylor surrenders to the police first, she'll easily derail Bill and Sheila's evil plans. Steffy and Finn may not like it, but it's the only way for Sheila to stay in jail.

Will she go that far for her family? Will Bill and Sheila finally accept defeat on Bold and the Beautiful?

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