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'Bold and the Beautiful' Predictions: Taylor Makes a Clean Break?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease a make-or-break moment for Taylor Hayes. She's just moments away from marrying Ridge Forrester, but will it go as smoothly as planned?

Steffy Forrester discovered Thomas Forrester's secret, thanks to little Douglas Forrester. Although she wants her parents to get married, she's not tolerating her brother's wrongdoings.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 21 to 25 reveal Steffy will demand that Thomas come clean before the ceremony starts. She doesn't want her parents to get married without knowing the truth.

Taylor Finds Out the Truth on Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor Hayes will be faced with a tough decision on her special day. Steffy explains that Thomas framed Brooke by making it look like she called the authorities on him.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Taylor backs Thomas into a corner. He admits to his scheme but argues that it got the job done. Brooke is out of their lives for good — or is she?

Steffy insists that Ridge needs to know the truth, adding that their parents can't base their marriage on a lie. Naturally, Taylor's conflicted. On the one hand, she wants to marry Ridge, but on the other, she wants to do the right thing.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Thomas Forrester
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Taylor's Moment of Truth

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 21 to 25 tease that Taylor Hayes will have a moment of clarity. She'll likely realize that Ridge Forrester will never get over Brooke Logan, regardless of whether they get married or not.

Taylor could have second thoughts about marrying Ridge. Perhaps she'll call off the wedding at the last minute, much to Thomas' dismay.

She could even declare the truth to Ridge in front of everybody else. The waffler will likely be stunned and confused. Will he run straight back to Brooke on his wedding day? How will he handle Thomas this time around?

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Ridge Forrester
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Taylor Wants Out?

Bold and the Beautiful predictions suggest Taylor will decide to walk away after her latest heartbreak. Perhaps she'll gain enough self-respect and just let go of Ridge Forrester once and for all.

Taylor may want to make a clean break and leave L.A. for a while. She could go overseas, or somewhere Ridge couldn't follow her.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Steffy Forrester
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Or maybe Taylor will decide to face the truth with her head held high. After all, she didn't force Ridge to be with her. He was the one who pursued her in Aspen.

But what if Ridge still chooses Taylor over Brooke despite the truth? That would definitely bring more drama and heartache on Bold and the Beautiful.

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