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'B&B' Spoilers: Steffy Torn Between Right and Wrong?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Steffy Forrester is the latest person to know Thomas Forrester's dark secret. Douglas Forrester has been visibly upset on Tridge's wedding day.

Steffy was quick to notice the boy's mood. Naturally, the worried aunt asked some questions. But nobody prepared her for what she had discovered.

Douglas Spills the Beans on Bold and the Beautiful

Douglas Forrester continues to struggle with Thomas Forrester's secret. He's forced to keep quiet about it, and it's already taking its toll on him.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week reveal Douglas couldn't hide his emotions even during Ridge and Taylor's big day. Steffy Forrester knew something was wrong with her nephew.

She asked Douglas what was upsetting him. It didn't take long for the young boy to let it all out. Douglas told his Aunt Steffy that Thomas had framed Brooke Logan.

He even played his dad's recording of the fake CPS call in Brooke's voice. Steffy couldn't believe it, so Douglas played the unaltered audio of Thomas' voice on Bold and the Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester - Douglas Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Steffy Stunned by Shocking Truth

Naturally, Steffy Forrester was shocked to hear the truth. She was even more terrified after realizing the implications of Thomas' actions for Taylor Hayes and Ridge Forrester.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 21 to 25 tease that Steffy will confront Thomas about Douglas' bombshell revelation. She will be furious at her brother for doing such an atrocious act.

Steffy will also tell Thomas that he could ruin their mother's happiness. She knows Ridge could easily change his mind once he discovers that Brooke is innocent.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Steffy's Next Move

Still, Thomas Forrester will likely convince his sister to keep the secret to herself. He might remind him that exposing the truth now could jeopardize the wedding.

It's no secret that Steffy Forrester has always wanted to see Ridge and Taylor together again. Now that they're about to get married, she might not want to do anything that could ruin it. 

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes - Ridge Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest Steffy will agree to stay tight-lipped about Thomas' secret. However, guilt will likely weigh on her. She knows Brooke is innocent and could feel sorry for her.

In the past, Steffy defended Brooke for Sheila Carter after she found out the truth. Will she do the same this time?

Or maybe Steffy will not waste time and expose the truth during the ceremony. Despite her eagerness to see her parents together, she may not want them to be in a marriage built on lies. Will she do the right thing on Bold and the Beautiful?