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'Bold and the Beautiful' Predictions: Eric Forrester Asks Quinn The Unthinkable?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest Eric Forrester (John McCook) will get his groove back. However, it will not be with his wife, Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer). 

B&B viewers know that Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) was able to get a rise out of Eric, much to his surprise. Eric rushed home to Quinn to have a night of passion. Sadly for the married couple, the night fizzled out.

Eric was contemplative when he ran into Donna the next day. Ms. Logan was sympathetic that her ex could not make love to Quinn. Naturally, she comforted him with a hug. Just like that, she got another rise out of the Forrester patriarch. 

Eric may start to believe that only Donna can cure what ails him. Quinn does not have a clue about Eric's encounters with Donna and her jars of honey. Certainly, she would not be happy that a Logan could excite Eric when she failed. Will Eric add insult to injury and make an unthinkable request of Quinn on The Bold and the Beautiful?

Bold and the Beautiful: Is Turnabout Fair Play for Quinn?

Eric may start to think that his erectile dysfunction issues are not physical. Perhaps the problem has to do with Quinn. After all, Donna was able to spark a flame in her "Honey Bear" more than once. 

Quinn was unable to get the same reaction. When Eric knew he couldn't please Quinn in the bedroom, he allowed her to keep her lover, Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Bold And The Beautiful speculate that Eric may think it is only fair that he gets to sleep with Donna. Will Quinn agree to Eric taking a lover?

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Donna Logan

Pic credit: CBS

It is no secret that Quinn hates the Logan sisters. Brooke Logan ( Katherine Kelly Lang) has tried to break up Quinn's marriage to Eric from the start. Now Brooke is on a mission to replace Quinn with Donna as Eric's wife. 

Not to mention that Donna confessed her love to Quinn's husband. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Quinn has a confrontation with Donna that leaves Ms. Logan shaken. So it may be a bitter pill for Quinn to swallow if Eric wants to take Donna as a lover.

Can Quinn And Eric's Marriage Survive On B&B?

It does not bode well for Eric and Quinn's marriage that they cannot connect sexually. Not only that, but they have to look outside their union for passion. 

Quinn would certainly object to Eric having a fling with Donna. Eric may not think Quinn is being fair if this scenario plays out. It doesn't change the fact that Eric did not share his diagnosis with his wife. Or that Quinn had an affair. 

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Quinn Forrester

Pic credit: CBS

Now Donna is stirring up feelings in Eric that he thought he lost. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers predict that Quinn will blow her top at Brooke and Donna. 

Will Eric come to Quinn's defense? With all the outside interference, it seems like Eric and Quinn's marriage is on life support. On the other hand, they have had adversity in their relationship and stayed together. Can they survive their latest problems on The Bold and the Beautiful?