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'B&B' Star John McCook Thinks Donna is Eric's 'Endgame' – Hints His Exit?

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers know that Eric Forrester (John McCook) is at a crossroads. Eric has been having a torrid affair with Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis).

Meanwhile, Quinn Fuller Forrester (Rena Sofer) is completely in the dark. Furthermore, Quinn has been praising Eric's loyalty and faithfulness to Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor). Donna recently asked Eric to leave Quinn. What will he do?

Since Quinn had her affair with Carter, she and Eric never quite got back on track. B&B spoilers for the week of June 6 to 10 reveal Eric will make a surprising decision.

Will Eric leave Quinn? Or will Eric decide to commit to Donna? John McCook has his thoughts on what Eric should do on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester

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B&B: Is John McCook Leaving?

John McCook is one of the two original cast members of the Bold and the Beautiful. The other is Katherine Kelly Lang who plays Brooke Logan.

McCook is now 77 years old and has been on B&B for its 35-year run. The actor is rumored to want to slow down. Will McCook retire or have less screen time?

His affair with Donna could be his last major storyline. What would the actor like to see Eric do?

John McCook recently weighed in with Soap Opera Digest. The actor shared what seems to be his ideal way of exiting the show.

"I think Eric loves the idea of traveling," McCook revealed. "I think he'd love to spend a year in Italy somewhere or living on a vineyard in the south of France and just seeing what it's like to not be internationally famous and just be a gentleman farmer, riding horses and getting to know the locals. I think he would love that."

In this scenario, Eric would leave Quinn and Donna behind. But until and if Eric leaves, he will be torn between his wife and his lover on Bold and the Beautiful.

McCook also revealed that Donna Logan will likely be Eric Forrester's "endgame." It's no secret that things are getting serious between the two on the Bold and the Beautiful. Whether it will be a long-lasting relationship remains to be seen.

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Donna Logan

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Will Eric Get Caught on Bold and the Beautiful?

Meanwhile, Quinn will notice that Eric's heart rate spiked and became worried. Eric is unaware that the ring he is wearing monitors his heart.

After making love to Donna his heart rate went back to normal. Moreover, Eric felt guilty and ended the affair with Donna. But can Eric stay away?

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester - Quinn Forrester

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B&B spoilers for the upcoming week tease Quinn will seek out Bridget Forrester's (Ashley Jones) help. Quinn will worry when she notices Eric's heart races every Wednesday.

Perhaps Eric could have a cardiac issue while in bed with Donna. Quinn and Bridget would rush to Eric's side. Is Eric's heart strong enough to survive Donna on The Bold And The Beautiful?