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'B&B' Rumors: Deacon and Taylor Romance Complicates Ridge's Life?

Bold And The Beautiful rumors speculate that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) may have his mind blown. He has spent the better part of the last few weeks pondering a difficult decision.

The dressmaker had to choose between Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen). B&B spoilers for the week of June 6 to 10 tease that Ridge will return home to his wife, Brooke.

However, there is still one obstacle that needs to be cleared up. That would be Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan). Ridge can not stand the sight of his rival. Still, Deacon pretty much comes and goes as he pleases on Brooke's property. 

B&B spoilers for the week of June 6 to 10 reveal that Deacon and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) will object when Brooke bans her ex-lover. Deacon will be left out in the cold. He will not be the only one on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Deacon Sharpe - Brooke Logan

Pic credit: CBS

B&B: Deacon Turns to Taylor?

Taylor Hayes will be brokenhearted and alone when Ridge Forrester chooses Brooke Logan. Deacon's hope for a future with Brooke will be dashed. 

Not to mention, Deacon will be hurt by Brooke's stance. Bold And The Beautiful summer spoilers tease that Deacon will stop beating himself up about his nefarious past. 

He will accept that he is reformed, which will open him up to love. B&B spoilers for the upcoming weeks divulge Deacon will get a new love interest. 

There has been speculation that Deacon and Bridget Forrester (Ashley Jones) will rekindle their love. The pair were married until Brooke slept with him and had his baby. 

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes

Pic credit: CBS

Still, Hope is a grown woman now. Maybe Bridge can put all that behind her. Nevertheless, Deacon could pair up with someone unexpected.

Bold And The Beautiful rumors tease that Deacon and Taylor could become a couple. The two of them may start commiserating over Brooke and Ridge's reunion. 

Taylor may realize that Deacon has changed for the better. After all, she has only seen him through Ridge's eyes. Taylor could see Deacon in a different light on Bold And The Beautiful.

Ridge Could Lose His Mind on Bold and the Beautiful

If Taylor and Deacon fell in love, Ridge would be thrown into a tailspin. Just because Ridge is back with Brooke doesn't mean that his feelings for Taylor have disappeared. 

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester

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The thought of Taylor being with Deacon would send Ridge into a spiral. Ridge finally thought Deacon was out of his life, and now this. Still, Deacon and Taylor are free to date whoever they please. Ridge may become consumed by the new couple.

Ridge's stance would certainly cause problems with Brooke Logan. She would not be happy if her husband spent all his time worrying about Taylor and Deacon. There would be great soapy drama ahead on The Bold And The Beautiful.