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'B&B' Star Darin Brooks Confirms Return as Wyatt Spencer – What to Expect?

Bold and the Beautiful fans can expect to see the return of a familiar face on the show. Actor Darin Brooks, who plays the role of Wyatt Spencer, recently confirmed that he is making a comeback on the CBS soap.

Viewers last saw Wyatt on-screen in September 2021. Since then, fans have been wondering if he'll ever return again, especially with his storyline still unsettled. Now, fans will get to see more of Brooks in action, but for how long?

Bold and the Beautiful: Darin Brooks Confirms Return on the Show

It looks like fans haven't seen the last of Wyatt Spencer on Bold and the Beautiful. Actor Darin Brooks himself shared the good news of his return to the long-running soap.

During an episode of Bold Live, Brooks confirmed that he is indeed reprising his role as Wyatt Spencer. In fact, he already filmed an episode with the Spencer men. However, he clarified that he doesn't know when it will air.

"We shot an episode the other day with the Spencer men," the Bold and the Beautiful actor said. "I don't know when that's coming up. That's coming up soon."

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer

Pic credit: CBS

Is Wyatt Staying for Good?

There were claims that Darin Brooks will be appearing on air again sometime in March. It seems to be good timing, considering Bold and the Beautiful's upcoming 35th anniversary on March 23.

Supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk recently teased that something special is in the works for B&B just in time for its anniversary. Could that include Wyatt Spencer's return?

Kasprzyk has been teasing a major plot twist happening in about two months' time. Is it possible that Wyatt has something to do it?

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer

Pic credit: CBS

B&B Actor Shares What He Wants To See Happen With Wyatt

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Wyatt Spencer's comeback will be a long one. Apparently, Darin Brooks' appearance on Bold and the Beautiful will be brief and will not mark the beginning of a new storyline.

However, the actor is hopeful that his character will be able to do more in the future. "I hope to be back with a lot more," Brooks added. "But we're having a blast. I miss you guys, and thank you guys for being such fans."

Bold and the Beautiful: Wyatt Spencer - Flo Logan

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Despite the uncertainty of the duration of his stint, Darin Brooks already has an image of what he wants to happen with Wyatt Spencer. The Bold and the Beautiful actor said he would love to see his character finally walk down the aisle with his fiancee, Flo Logan.

Brooks also doesn't mind a little drama along the way, including a rekindling of the old Wyatt/Hope/Liam triangle.

"Maybe there's something there," Darin Brooks said. "I think that would be fun to revisit that storyline again because it was never really finished. Hope left, and then it was like, Wyatt and Liam, and they kind of moved on from it. So I think it would be very interesting if we started to maybe get into that storyline a little bit. That would be kind of fun!"