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'B&B' Shocker: Producer Teases Jaw-dropping Plot Twist Coming Soon

Bold and the Beautiful is brewing something big for fans. One of the show's producers hinted at a major plot twist happening very soon, which will be a game-changer for the CBS soap.

Bold and the Beautiful Producer Hints Major Plot Twist

It looks like B&B still has a lot to offer, even after decades of being on air. The hit CBS soap continues to evolve as the years' pass, and it's not quite done yet.

Recently, supervising producer Casey Kasprzyk hinted at a major plot twist heading down the pipeline that could change the face of the soap. During an episode of Bold Live, Kasprzyk couldn't help but tease what the show has been filming recently.

"I'm not allowed to talk about storyline," the B&B producer revealed. "But let me just say, in about two months' time, The Bold and the Beautiful will never be the same."

Kasprzyk did not go into details of the game-changing material, but he did imply that B&B will be bolder than ever in spring.

"There's something really big that's going to be happening, and… I wish I could tell you, but I can't tell you," he added. "When it does happen, we're going to have a lot to talk about. I may have to have a special Bold Live just to catch up!"

Bold and the Beautiful

Pic Credit: Bold and the Beautiful/Instagram

B&B Star Krista Allen Says Fans Will 'Go Nuts'

Casey Kasprzyk is not the only one who hinted at the jaw-dropping plot twist coming soon. Actress Krista Allen, who plays the new Taylor Hayes, also recently teased about the shocking storyline coming fans' way on Bold and the Beautiful.

"So, I watch the Bold & Beautiful story unfold as scripts come in, just like y'all do when you watch the air shows," Allen tweeted. "I just read the latest script, and …. OMG! Y'all are going to go nuts!"

The B&B actress also commended the writers for doing a fantastic job with such a twist. "[The] writers are brilliantly dishing out some gold!" Krista Allen added.

Bold and the Beautiful: Krista Allen

Pic Credit: Krista Allen/Twitter

Fans Intrigued by It

Many are now intrigued as to what could be coming on Bold and the Beautiful this spring. With the limited details so far, it's hard to tell what it's all about.

However, some speculate that it has something to do with Ridge Forrester, Brooke Logan, and Taylor Hayes' storyline. Others think it'll revolve around Eric Forrester and Quinn Fuller Forrester, who haven't been on the scenes lately.

Meanwhile, Kasprzyk also teased that something special is in the works for Bold and the Beautiful's 35th anniversary on March 23. Fans should definitely keep an eye out for that.