Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester - Sheila Carter
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'B&B' Spoilers: Thomas Haunted by Sheila's Secret – Will He Rat Her Out?

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Bold And The Beautiful spoilers reveal Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) will face a dilemma. Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) let it slip that she was responsible for Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) breaking her sobriety. 

B&B viewers know that Brooke's drunken night with Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) ultimately led to the end of her marriage. Yet the burning question, especially for Ridge and Brooke, is why did she drink?

Thomas knows Sheila is the reason. Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the week of March 7 to 11 tease Sheila will delight in telling Thomas exactly how she tricked Brooke into taking a drink. 

Ridge can already tell Thomas is hiding something. Ridge and Taylor are worried about their son. They have no idea Thomas' secret can change their lives on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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B&B: Sheila Threatens Thomas

Sheila is thrilled that her plan to ruin Brooke worked out so spectacularly. The twisted birth mom is particularly happy that she cleared a path to Ridge and Taylor's reunion. However, Sheila is worried that Thomas may spill the beans. 

Meanwhile, Thomas will wrestle with telling the truth. Ultimately, Thomas will keep it quiet, but Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the upcoming coming weeks suggest Thomas will be haunted by his decision.

Despite Thomas' rocky past with Brooke, he will feel sorry for her. Yet, he won't want to jeopardize what Ridge and Taylor are building together. B&B rumors suggest Sheila will lose patience when Thomas starts to feel bad for keeping her secret. 

She will warn him to stay quiet and stick to the plan. To ensure Thomas does not reveal her nefarious deeds, Sheila will remind him what she is capable of. Will Thomas take Sheila's threats seriously on the CBS soap?

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter
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Will Guilt Get the Better of Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful?

Brooke has told anyone who would listen that she does not know why she drank. Ridge also wants to get to the bottom of the cause. Even Taylor believes Brooke can be helped if they knew the trigger. 

The guilt may get to Thomas. Moreover, Thomas will not like being in cahoots with Sheila of all people. After all, she is a proven danger to his family. Sheila is a powder keg waiting to explode.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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Perhaps Thomas should take a page out of Douglas Forrester's (Henry Joseph Samiri) book. The little guy knows it's always better to tell the truth. 

Yet, Thomas knows that the truth might drive Ridge to reconcile with Brooke. Thomas' dreams of his happy, reunited family may die. Not to mention that Taylor will be crushed. What will Thomas decide on The Bold And The Beautiful?

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