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'B&B' Rumors: Bill Buries Hatchet – Hires Justin to End Thomas Mess?

Bold and the Beautiful speculation tease Bill Spencer will revive a formidable alliance with Justin Barber. The two have an unpleasant history, but Bill could set it aside in his bid to stop Thomas Forrester.

B&B spoilers note that Dollar Bill will go after Ridge Forrester's "crackpot son." He's not happy about Thomas' closeness with Hope and the threat he brings to her marriage with Liam Spencer.

Bold and the Beautiful rumors allege that Bill will reach out to his former right-hand man. Will he hire Justin to put an end to Thomas' schemes?

Bill Conspires Against Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful

Bill Spencer is not taking the situation with Thomas Forrester lightly. Like Brooke Logan, he thinks he's up to no good.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Bill will devise a plan to save Hope Logan from Thomas. Brooke will consider the idea, though it's unclear what he plans to do.

Bill promised Brooke that he'd protect her and everyone she loved. Will he be able to take down Thomas for her?

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer

Pic credit: CBS

Will Bill Recruit Justin?

Bill Spencer is notorious for his savage schemes, and so is Justin Barber. The two used to be allies, not until Justin betrayed Bill.

Longtime Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Bill cut ties with Justin since the incident. The two never really reached a reconciliation, considering the damage done to their friendship.

But desperate times call for desperate measures. Bill wants to ensure he'll successfully end Thomas' evil ways. Will he enlist the help of his former ally?

Nobody gets the job done better than Justin. He seems to be on the right path lately, but his dark side will always be there.

Bold and the Beautiful: Justin Barber

Pic credit: CBS

Can Bill and Justin Take Down Thomas?

Perhaps Bill Spencer will let go of his grudge and ask Justin Barber to do the dirty work for him, just like in the old times. He could even make him an offer that he can't resist, all in exchange for taking down Thomas Forrester.

This could be an opportunity for Justin to make it up to Bill as well. However, he could reject Bill's offer and just continue leading a peaceful life.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Justin Barber

Pic credit: CBS

Not to mention that Justin is now working for the Forresters. It's probably not a good idea to betray his bosses.

Still, Bill could trigger Justin's sinister side. Will the notorious duo return and bring chaos to Thomas on Bold and the Beautiful?