Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan - Bill Spencer
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'B&B' Week Ahead Spoilers: Hope's Secret – Bill Targets Thomas?

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Here is a peek at what is happening on The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of November 7 to 11.

Hope and Thomas' Unexpected Moment

Hope Logan and Thomas Forrester will continue to bask in their success. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the week reveal they will celebrate their big win at the Forrester mansion, but Liam Spencer will not be pleased.

Further spoilers tease that Hope and Thomas will get caught up in the excitement and share an unexpected moment. Apparently, Hope will do something out of character. Will she fulfill Thomas' fantasy and initiate a kiss?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan - Thomas Forrester
Pic credit: CBS

Hope Keeps a Secret

If Hope and Thomas locked lips, it would create more chaos and drama. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 7 to 11 tease that Hope will keep a big secret from Liam. Is it about the illicit kiss?

Liam has been very jealous of Thomas lately. It will definitely hit him hard if he finds out that his wife initiated a smooch on her lead designer. It's probably a smart move on Hope to keep it a secret. However, no secret is safe on B&B.

Or maybe Hope's secret is about the mannequin. Now that the fashion show is over, she'll have more time to process what she saw at Thomas' office. Perhaps she will decide not to tell anyone about it. Is it the right move?

Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan - Thomas Forrester
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Bill Schemes Against Thomas

B&B spoilers indicate that Bill Spencer will stick his nose into Thomas Forrester's business. Dollar Bill shares the same sentiment with Brooke Logan and Liam Spencer.

He's convinced that Thomas is a threat, so he will come up with a plan against him. Bill will suggest to Brooke a way to protect Hope from Thomas. She will likely entertain the idea, but will their plan succeed?

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Wyatt Spencer - Liam Spencer
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Thomas Is In The Lead

Whatever Bill Spencer is plotting, it might be too late as Thomas Forrester continues to take the lead. He managed to get Hope Logan on his side, and there's nothing that can change her mind– at least for now.

Perhaps Thomas will take advantage of their recent success to get closer to Hope. Or maybe he doesn't have to do much, as she might do something reckless on her own.

Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Forrester
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Liam Struggles

Meanwhile, jealousy continues to eat Liam Spencer alive. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for November 7 to 11 reveal he will have another conversation with Wyatt Spencer, this time at the cabin.

Liam will rant about the whole situation again. Wyatt will try to knock some sense into him. Further spoilers note that Liam will make a hard decision. Will he accept that Thomas will always be a part of Hope's life?

Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Spencer
Pic credit: CBS

Carter's Surprise Visit

Carter Walton will pay a surprise visit to Brooke Logan. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that the reason for his visit will blindside her.

Carter will likely serve Brooke the annulment papers. Rumor has it that the Forrester Creations COO will rush the process per Ridge Forrester's request. Will Brooke sign the papers? Or will she fight until the end?

Bold and the Beautiful airs on weekdays on CBS.

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