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'90 Day Fiance': Andrew Kenton Exposes Amira's 'Cheap' Breakup Gifts

90 Day Fiance star Andrew Kenton continues to blast Amira Lollysa months after their breakup. The daycare assistant recently took to social media and exposed his ex-girlfriend's controversial gifts for him, which she supposedly "bragged" on the show.

It seems Andrew is not letting Amira off the hook that easily after she put him in a bad light. Will Andrew's latest antic make things better or worse for him?

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton Reveals Amira Lollysa's Presents

Looks like the drama between Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa is still far from being over. The former 90 Day Fiance lovers are still at odds with each other and they're not ashamed to show it on social media.

After Amira's explosive claims against Andrew, he goes on to make counterattacks online, doing interviews and live videos. His most recent dig was about her controversial breakup gifts for him.

In an Instagram post, Andrew made it clear that he's not happy with Amira's presents. He shared photos and a video of himself revealing the items one by one.

Andrew claimed Amira got her "cheap" gifts from a Serbian souvenir shop, including a t-shirt, napkin, and flip-mirror. He said they were sent to him months after the break-up, which he finds confusing.

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton

Pic credit: @kinddragondrew/Instagram

Andrew Blasts Amira for 'Bragging' About Them

But what's even more confusing, according to Andrew Kenton, was when Amira Lollysa supposedly "bragged" about the gifts at the Tell-All episode. The 90 Day Fiance babe discussed it during the reunion special, seemingly disappointed with her ex-boyfriend.

"The crew literally filmed me receiving these gifts, strange they never showed that?" Andrew said. "Might be revealing! But they only wanted her acting sad about not receiving a 'thank you' without showing you what the 'gifts' actually were."

The reality star goes on to say that the items were "obviously cheap trinkets" sent to him to "further [Amira's] clout." He added that the producers did not want him on the stage to call out Amira's "many lies," including the "absurdity of these gifts."

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Kenton

Pic credit: @kinddragondrew/Instagram

90 Day Fiance: Andrew Spends a Fortune on Her?

Meanwhile, Andrew Kenton claimed he spent a big amount of money on gifts and other stuff for Amira Lollysa. The 90 Day Fiance star said he easily spent a whopping $30,000 – $40,000 throughout the course of their relationship.

Andrew claimed he gifted Amira a bunch of KKW (Kim Kardashian West) makeup, which cost between $200-$300. He also bought the ring for over $7,000. It seems Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa won't be reconciling anytime soon.

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