Young and the Restless: Victor Newman - Jeremy Stark
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'Y&R' Week Ahead Spoilers: Jeremy Tracks Diane – Victor Gets Involved?

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Here is a peek at what is happening on The Young and the Restless for the week of November 28 to December 2.

Jack and Kyle's Promise

Jack Abbott and his son, Kyle Abbott, will make a vow to Diane Jenkins. Y&R spoilers for the week tease that Diane will express her fear, especially now that Tucker McCall considers her an enemy.

The father and son will promise nothing will happen to her. Jack and Kyle seem ready to protect Diane from Tucker, which means the world to her.

Young and the Restless: Diane Jenkins - Jack Abbott
Pic credit: CBS

Jeremy Finds Diane

Diane's worst nightmare is about to begin, though. Young and the Restless spoilers for November 28 to December 2 tease that she will get an unexpected visit from Jeremy Stark.

Apparently, Jeremy is out of prison and immediately hunts her. He's hell-bent on getting his revenge on her. Will Diane put herself and the Abbotts at risk?

Young and the Restless: Diane Jenkins - Jeremy Stark
Pic credit: CBS

Summer and Daniel Moment on Young and the Restless

Meanwhile, Daniel Romalotti will catch up with his sister, Summer Newman. He recently returned to Genoa City and seemed to have settled back in.

Y&R spoilers reveal that Daniel will tell Summer he is considering getting a job at Chancellor-Winters. Not only he'll have a new career shift, but he'll also get to spend more time with his ex, Lily Winters. 

However, it doesn't look like Billy Abbott will be too enthusiastic about Daniel joining the company. Could it be that he's threatened by Daniel's closeness with Lily?

Young and the Restless: Summer Newman - Daniel Romalotti
Pic credit: CBS

Victor Gets Involved

Victor Newman will have his hands full dealing with his children's issues. Young and the Restless teasers for the week hint at the Moustache getting involved with Abby and Chance Chancellor's marital problems.

Victor will grill his son-in-law at Crimson Lights about what he's done to his daughter. Chance will encourage him to talk to Abby and ask her directly what really happened. How would Victor react if he found out about Abby and Devon's tryst?

Victor will also be busy digging into Sally Spectra's past. Nick and Adam Newman have been fighting over the redhead, prompting their father to take action. What will Victor uncover on Young and the Restless?

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