Young and the Restless: Adam Newman
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'Y&R' Spoilers: Adam Schemes Again – New Ally Arrives in Genoa City?

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Young And The Restless spoilers tease Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) has one thing on his mind — revenge against the Newmans. Adam was angry that Victor pushed him out of the CEO position at Newman Enterprises. 

Moreover, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) only made Adam's CEO lure back Victoria Newman Locke (Amelia Locke). He has always felt like he was not a valued member of the family, and Victor's ploy pushed him to his limits.

Adam believes that the events surrounding Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) will enable him to take Victor down. Y&R spoilers for the week of August 22 to 26 reveal that Adam will play dirty. 

Adam will eavesdrop on a conversation between Chance Chancellor (Conner Floyd) and Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart). What will Adam learn on Young And The Restless?

Young and the Restless: Chance Chancellor
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Y&R: Adam's New Ally?

Kevin will be upset that Chance closed the case. After all, they worked hard to gather evidence against Victor. Kevin is also afraid that they could get in trouble. 

Meanwhile, Adam will hear enough of the conversation to know about Victor's coverup. Young And The Restless spoilers suggest that Adam will confront Kevin. Then he will try to cause a rift between Chance and Kevin. 

Adam will imply that Chance will have the protection of the Newmans while Kevin could be left hanging. He would try to convince him that it would be better if he told everything he knew. Further Y&R spoilers note that he will get the upper hand on Kevin.

Kevin and Adam have a checkered past. Is it likely Adam can convince Kevin to tell all? Even so, Adam will need solid proof against Victor. 

Young and he Restless: Adam Newman
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Chance felt that the evidence in the case was not enough to convict Victor. Not to mention that the Mustache made sure that the security team member who left clues behind could not be reached for comment. 

So Adam will have his hands full trying to prove that Victor arranged a coverup in Ashland's death. All he knows is that Ashland was at Victoria's house the night he died, and somehow Victor got involved. Adam could call in reinforcements on Young And The Restless.

Lucas Hits the Ground Running on Young and the Restless

There will be a new face in Genoa City in the upcoming week. Lucas (Aaron Schwartz) will become involved in the coverup storyline. Y&R spoilers for the week of August 22 to 26 indicate that Adam will recruit him to find solid proof of Victor's wrongdoing. Lucas will turn out to be very good at what he does and will quickly get results.

Young and the Restless: Victor Newman
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Adam will get the evidence he needs to take his father down. Victor and the family are breathing a sigh of relief that Chance dropped the investigation. However, the case has left Chance feeling ill at ease. 

Victor will try to thank Chance, but his gratitude may be premature. He did not count on his son's thirst for revenge. Will Adam be the reason Victor lands in jail on The Young And The Restless?


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