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'Y&R' Rumors: Sally and Summer Team Up Against Audra?

Young and the Restless: Sally Spectra - Audra Charles - Summer Newman Abbott

Young and the Restless spoilers note Audra Charles is making more enemies than friends in Genoa City. The vixen is shameless in her game, seizing any opportunity that comes her way.

This week, Audra proves to be a femme fatale when she reels Kyle Abbott in. This could spell even more trouble for Summer Newman-Abbott's marriage.

But Y&R wild rumors suggest Summer may not deal with Audra alone. Sally Spectra could be the ally that'll end Audra's winning streak. Will she step in and put her in her place?

Young and the Restless: Kyle Abbot - Audra Charles

Young and the Restless: Audra Entices Kyle?

Summer Abbott's move to GCAC brings her closer to discovering the truth about Kyle Abbott and Audra Charles. Young and the Restless spoilers reveal she catches the two getting quite cozy in public.

Audra uses her charm to convince Kyle to work for her at Newman Media. She believes they'll make a good team and have a bright future together.

Kyle suggests mixing business with pleasure could be quite dangerous, but Audra doesn't seem to mind at all. She wants all of him, both in the office and the bedroom.

Young and the Restless: Audra Charles - Kyle Abbott

Young and the Restless spoilers say Summer watches as the two have a flirty exchange. She interrupts,, and Audra takes off.

Kyle tells Summer about Audra's job offer. She lets her husband figure out where he belongs but warns him that Audra is "sketchy." He fires back and says he may have a type after all.

Young and the Restless:  Kyle Abbott - Summer Newman Abbott

Will Summer Find Out About Affair?

Now that Summer Newman-Abbott is staying at GCAC, she might find out about Audra Charles and Kyle Abbott's tryst. The idea isn't far-fetched since Kyle doesn't seem to mind being seen with her in public.

Young and the Restless rumors suggest Summer could see Kyle coming out of Audra's suite after a steamy moment together. It'll definitely create chaos once she confirms that the two are having an illicit affair.

Kyle and Summer are currently separated, but they're still married. Plus, she's still determined to save their marriage. Is there still hope for "Skyle"?

Young and the Restless:  Kyle Abbott - Audra Charles

Young and the Restless: Sally vs. Audra?

Summer Newman-Abbott will definitely be devastated when she finds out that Kyle Abbott has been sleeping with Audra Charles. Young and the Restless rumors suggest she may seek revenge, and Sally Spectra could be the perfect ally.

Perhaps Sally will learn about the affair from Nick Newman. She may see this as an opportunity to get closer to Summer.

Young and the Restless:  Sally Spectra

It's no secret that the two are not on good terms. Summer made it clear that she's against her father's relationship with the redhead.

Sally and Nick's romance is getting quite serious, though. She may want to get closer to his family, and Summer is a good start.

Young and the Restless:  Sally Spectra - Summer Newman Abbott

But Sally may have other reasons to despise Audra. Young and the Restless rumors suggest she's not happy with Audra taking over Newman Media. She had worked hard for the company before Victoria Newman fired her.

Or maybe Sally will figure out that Audra is in cahoots with Nate Hastings. She may want to avenge Nick's ousting from Newman Enterprises. Will Audra finally meet her match on Young and the Restless?