Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers - Michelle Stafford
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'Y&R' Michelle Stafford CONFIRMS Exit – Is It Permanent?

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Another shocking exit is about to happen on Young and the Beautiful. After the news of Richard Burgi's untimely departure on the show, actress Michelle Stafford is reportedly next to be leaving but is it for good? Here's what we know so far.

Young and the Restless: Michelle Stafford Confirms Phyllis Summers' Exit?

Another Young and the Restless cast member is allegedly leaving Genoa City. Michelle Stafford, the stunning actress who plays Phyllis Summers, reportedly exits soon. 

Talks of her departure started when Phyllis was offered a job in Milan on Y&R. Many questioned its timing, especially since her flame, Jack Abbott, will soon return from a short break. For some, it's the perfect backstory for Michelle's exit.

Rumors of Michelle Stafford leaving Young and the Restless intensified after she hinted about it on social media. The actress shared a scene from an episode that featured Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) trying to convince Phyllis Summers to stay in Genoa City instead of moving to Italy.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers
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Michelle said she added some adlibs that were not written on the script. Her co-stars Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) and Mishael Morgan (Amanda Sinclair) rolled with it. This sparked speculation that she is indeed leaving the show.

As if that wasn't enough, Michelle Stafford responded to a fan asking about her character leaving Young and the Restless. The actress bluntly replied with "I am," which sparked even more worry in fans.

Y&R: Is She Leaving For Good?

But Michelle Stafford clarified that she would not be off the show for a long time. In an earlier post, the Young and the Restless star said she would be away from the show for two weeks.

"Yes!!! For 2 weeks!!" Stafford replied to fan quizzing about her supposed departure. Fans were somehow relieved about this information.

Young and the Restless: Phyllis Summers - Michelle Stafford
Pic credit: Michelle Stafford/Instagram

However, some still couldn't help but feel sad about the idea of Phyllis Summers leaving Y&R just when things are about to fall into place between her and Jack Abbott. Not to mention Richard Burgi's imminent exit too.

For now, fans can still see Michelle Stafford on the Young and the Restless. It's unclear when exactly she will take the two-week time off the show.

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