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'Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Jack Abbott Making Smart Moves as Sally Taunts Phyllis

Young and the Restless spoilers predict Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) will kick Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) while she's down. Phyllis is still reeling from her breakup with Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow).

Y&R spoilers for the week of November 8 to 12 reveal Sally will take jabs at Phyllis about her split from Nick. Sally has been looking for ways to get revenge on her. The young designer blames Phyllis for being dumped by Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and losing her job running JCV. So Sally will take the opportunity to rub salt in Phyllis' wounds.

Sally's interest had been piqued by what has developed between Jack and Phyllis. She has caught them in close moments.  Although Jack had confessed his love for "Red', spoilers suggest he will keep his distance. Jack will not want to be the rebound guy on The Young and the Restless.

Young and the Restless: Sally Revels in Phyllis's Pain?

Sally poked the mama bear when she targeted Summer Newman (Hunter King). Phyllis went after Sally with a vengeance. Ms. Spectra will remind Phyllis of everything she has done for her. Phyllis is nursing a broken heart. This is a perfect opportunity for Sally to even the score a little.

When Jack and Sally were seeing each other, Phyllis made it her mission to end their relationship. So Sally will take pleasure in Phyllis's pain. After all, Phyllis showed Sally no mercy and she lost Jack, her job, and her home.

Young and the Restless: Sally Spectra

Pic credit: CBS

Perhaps Sally will feel this is poetic justice. Jack not only dumped Sally, but he also shunned her. That was a bitter pill to swallow.

Sally seems to be turning her attention to Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). Also, she has an exciting new job in fashion. Yet Sally still wants revenge on Phyllis. So their confrontation should be interesting. Will Sally get satisfaction going in on Phyllis on Young and the Restless?

Will Jack Get the Girl on Y&R?

Jack will not pursue Phyllis fresh off her breakup with Nick. Spoilers suggest that Jack will not want to take advantage of Phyllis while she is vulnerable.

Young and the Restless: Jack Abbott

Pic credit: CBS

Yet Jack may be protecting his heart. He loves Phyllis and wants her to love him in return. So Jack will be smart and give Phyllis time to heal from losing Nick.

Jack has never gotten over Phyllis. However, he has been hurt by Phyllis and Nick in the past. So he will want to know that Phyllis and Nick are truly over. Jack will want to be with Phyllis for the long haul. Will Phyllis want the same on The Young and the Restless?