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'Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Adam Butters Up Victor – Overtakes Victoria?

Young and the Restless spoilers tease Adam Newman is finally showing interest in Victor Newman's offer. Thanks to Sharon Newman, he realizes that he needs a change and a sense of purpose in life.

The Mustache is more than willing to give him that. However, that is not the case for Victoria Newman. Will she ruin Adam's chance at redemption on Y&R?

Young and the Restless: Adam Plays His Cards Right?

Adam Newman finally gets his head straight and considers taking Victor Newman's job opportunity. Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday, March 8, reveal he visits his father at the ranch to discuss the intriguing offer.

Adam tells Victor that he likes to run McCall Unlimited. However, he wants it to be its own entity and not under Victoria Newman.

The sibling rivalry between the two is clearly far from being over. And it may even intensify if Adam takes over Tucker McCall's company.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman/Image Credit: CBS

Adam Sucks Up to Victor?

Adam Newman is close to getting what he wants, especially if he plays his cards right. He knows that Victor Newman has a soft spot for him, and he may use just that.

Young and the Restless spoilers say Adam convinces his dad that he's determined to make changes in his life. And to do that, he needs something to give him a purpose — McCall Unlimited.

Victor is eager to give him that, but he still doesn't like the fact that his son worked with his rival, Jack Abbott. Adam claims he didn't take his job there seriously and that it just feels like he didn't belong.

Adam then admits that Victor was right all along. Y&R teasers add that he thanks his dad for not giving up on him.

Adam's views are definitely a far cry from his tune not long ago. He was dead set on not being involved with the Newmans anymore. But now, he seems to be working his charm on Victor to get back into the fold.

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman - Victor Newman/Image Credit: CBS

Young and the Restless: Adam Newman – Victor Newman/Image Credit: CBS

Young and the Restless: Adam Gets What Victoria Wants?

At this point, it wouldn't be surprising if Adam Newman gets what he wants. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Victor Newman assures him that Victoria Newman wouldn't be a hindrance to their plan.

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman

Young and the Restless: Victoria Newman/Image Credit: CBS

Even if Ms. CEO is not on board with taking back Adam, it wouldn't mean a thing if The Mustache says so. Added teasers say Victor gives Victoria an ultimatum — let Adam in, or the deal's off the table.

Of course, Victoria is not giving up that easily. She'll likely retaliate and scheme against her brother. She may even enlist the help of Nick Newman. But with Victor on Adam's side, it's probably not going to be an easy task.