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Twice: Sana Slays With Stunning Looks in Her First Ever Photobook

Twice just finished their reality game show Time to Twice and The Chocolate Factory. It was a fun season and fans enjoyed all the activities that the girls did. However, throughout the course of the game show, Twice actually released a new photobook teaser for Sana.

The release of Sana's photobook surprised fans. The Japanese member also impressed her followers with her incredible photoshoots. Apparently, the group started releasing individual photobooks for each of their members called "Yes, I Am", followed by the member's name.

Twice: Sana Wows in Her Solo Photobook

Twice just released the teaser for Sana's solo photo book on their official YouTube channel. It's called "Yes, I am Sana", which features multiple clips from Sana's photoshoots. Sana starts off the video with her fierce looks.

Apparently, fans aren't used to Sana being fierce as she's one of the most joyful members of the group. However, fans noticed that Sana started becoming more seductive in their recent songs, especially in Cry For Me.

The teaser also showed Sana trying different outfits. There's also a scene where Sana can be seen posing on a beach, showing how much effort the management has put into her photobook.

Twice: Sana

Sana's solo photoshoot. Pic Credit: TWICE/YouTube

Tzuyu and Mina's Unforgettable Photobooks

Twice's Tzuyu and Mina have been a bias of many due to their cute and wholesome characters. The group released Tzuyu's solo photobook way back in March 2020. It received 1.2 million views, which is a little bit behind Sana's 1.4 million views.

Meanwhile, Mina also released her own photobook earlier in December 2020 featuring her iconic blonde hair. At this point, Twice has yet to reveal the next member who's going to get her own solo photobook. However, fans can expect that all of the girls will receive their own photobooks as time goes by.

Twice: Tzuyu

Tzuyu's solo photoshoot. Pic Credit: TWICE/YouTube

Twice Continues To Thrive

Twice has been breaking records in the K-pop industry since the group was formed. Apparently, Twice's FANCY just became the fifth song of the group to reach 400 million views. This just shows how much Twice is loved all over the world.

Meanwhile, rumors have been circulating online about Twice's upcoming comeback song. JYPE and Twice have yet to confirm the rumors. However, fans noticed that Nayeon changed her hair color to a bright red recently, which could mean that they're filming for a new song.

It's also expected that Jeongyeon will return to the group in their upcoming comeback song.

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