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'The Family Chantel': Nicole Jimeno Shows Alejandro What He's Missing

The Family Chantel star Nicole Jimeno continues to flaunt her sizzling body on social media. The younger sister of Pedro Jimeno has been putting her stunning physique on display amid rumors that she and Alejandro Padron are no longer together.

Nicole's romance with Alejandro was definitely one of the highlights of the hit TLC spinoff. Their love story piqued the interest of many, especially with how fast their relationship progressed. But, are they done for good?

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno Enjoys Single Life?

It looks like Nicole Jimeno is enjoying the single life. The Family Chantel star has been out and about doing her thing amid claims that she and Alejandro Padron went their separate ways.

The sister of Pedro Jimeno shows no sign of heartbreak as she basked in the beauty of Los Corales Beach Village in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The reality star has been enjoying some me-time for a few days now, and she's letting everyone know about it.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno

Pic credit: @nicole.jimeno/Instagram

Nicole Flaunts Sexy Figure – Revenge Body for Alejandro Padron?

Nicole Jimeno sure knows how to rock her beach body, and fans are all for it. The Family Chantel star has been flaunting her stunning figure, perfectly fit for her summer vibes.

Just recently, Nicole showed off some skin in a blue string bikini. She even took a mirror selfie, giving fans a full view of her racy look. 

The Family Chantel celeb confidently flaunted her physique, highlighting her chest area. Many believe Nicole had a boob job, mainly because of the noticeable change in the size of her bosom. However, the former beauty queen has yet to confirm nor deny such claims.

Meanwhile, many are convinced that Nicole Jimeno is trying to show Alejandro Padron what he's missing amid rumors of their split. They think the reality star is displaying her revenge body for him to see. However, that might not be easy to do, as Alejandro reportedly unfollowed her on Instagram.

The Family Chantel: Nicole Jimeno

Pic credit: @nicole.jimeno/Instagram

The Family Chantel: A Look Back at Their Romance

News of Nicole Jimeno's romance with Alejandro Padron first broke around August 2019. Back then, The Family Chantel cast member has been teasing about her man, sharing some PDA-filled moments on social media.

However, it wasn't until the second season of the show when Nicole officially introduced Alejandro. But things were never easy for the pair, especially when it comes to Nicole's family.

Pedro Jimeno and mom Lidia Morel made it clear that they're not in favor of Alejandro. It got even worse when they learned that he's still married before meeting Nicole.

Despite their opposition, The Family Chantel couple fought for their love. For a moment, it seemed Nicole and Alejandro would last. However, that might not be the case at all — at least for now.

So far, both Nicole Jimeno and Alejandro Padro have yet to react to split rumors.

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