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'OutDaughtered': Uncle Dale To Show Off His Moves in 'Dancing With the Stars'

OutDaughtered star Dale Mills will show more of his smooth dance moves in his latest project. The fan-favorite uncle revealed he'll be making a debut as a dancer in his very first dance competition.

Uncle Dale has always been into dancing on and off-camera. He often shares videos of himself busting a move on TikTok, which fans really enjoy.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale The Next Dancing Sensation?

Looks like Uncle Dale is one step closer to becoming the next dancing sensation. The OutDaughtered star proudly revealed that he will soon show off his moves in a famous local dance competition.

In an Instagram post, Aunt KiKi's husband announced that he will participate in Dancing With the Stars – Bay Area. Uncle Dale confirmed that he was nominated to join the contest, which is set to take place on August 28.

"Excited to finally announce I was nominated for the Dancing With the Stars Bay Area!" the OutDaughtered star said. "Got about 4 months of practice before the big event."

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale - Aunt KiKi

Pic credit: @dpmills10/Instagram

Dale Mills Latest Gig Excites Fans

Uncle Dale is clearly excited to dominate the dance floor with his dance partner, who he has yet to reveal. The OutDaughtered celeb seems confident that his dance moves will bring him his big win.

"I'm hoping all the years of *NSYNC dancing and TikTok dancing has prepared me to take home a W, ha!" he added. Uncle Dale and his dance partner drew Swing as their dance style.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale - Hazel Busby

Pic credit: @dpmills10/Instagram

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Updates

Meanwhile, fans are excited to see Dale Mills take on center stage with his dance moves. The OutDaughtered star made quite a buzz with his fun dance videos on social media. And now, with his upcoming competition, fans are anticipating more of it.

Uncle Dale's Dancing With the Stars gig is not the same as the ABC hit show. But many are confident that it's his first big step to make it to the show in the future.

Uncle Dale continues to win the hearts of OutDaughtered fans with his humor and love for the quints, especially Hazel Busby. In one of the episodes, Dale declares Hazel as his favorite among the Busby girls. He even made an adorable moniker for them, "Dazel."

In the past, Uncle Dale revealed that Hazel was the first quint he held, instantly forming a special bond with her. Since then, he's been very fond of the sweet girl, loving and protecting her like his own child.

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