My 600-lb Life: Dolly Martinez
Pic credit: TLC

'My 600-LB Life': How Much Do They Make on the Show?

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The TLC reality TV series My 600-lb Life is a show about morbidly obese individuals and their struggle to lose weight. First aired in 2012, each episode of the reality show showcased a year in one participant's life as he or she went on a journey to change for the better. 

A major focal point of the show is the castmate's decision to go under the knife to lose weight. Since gastric bypass surgery is quite expensive and the fact that each person is filmed for up to a year in Houston, many My 600-lb Life fans are wondering how much the stars make on the show.

My 600-lb Life: How Much Do the Stars Earn From the Reality Series

According to reports, each participant receives $1,500 for the initial episode, also known as the "talent fee." Apparently, it covers each episode's year-long filming.

My 600-lb Life stars do not receive a regular income like other reality celebs get from their show. It was supposedly worse during the early stages of the franchise as the participants were apparently paid only $1,000.

My 600-lb Life: Dolly Martinez
Pic credit: TLC

The said amount is a flat fee, but the stars are supposedly paid more if they agree to be filmed while bathing. These infamous shower scenes have caused quite a stir through the years. No one has come forward with evidence that the stars do earn more money when they participate in the controversial scene.

Participants that travel to Houston to film My 600-lb Life are provided a stipend worth $2,500. The reality stars also receive free medical expenses for the duration of the show. This includes gastric bypass surgery if they agree to it. However, cosmetic surgery such as skin removal is not paid for by the show.

My 600-lb Life: How Much Do They Make in the spin Off 

The spin-off My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? updates fans on the life of former participants. Those who are cast in the spin-off are also given the same modest price. It is believed that the stars are enticed to participate in the spin-off because of the pay and another year of medical coverage.

My 600-lb Life: Dr. Now - Younan Nowzaradan
Pic credit: TLC

Each episode of My 600-lb Life proved to be a heart-warming and gut-wrenching story of determination. Cast members go through emotional, physical, and mental challenges. All these while struggling to go from being absurdly obese to having a leaner and healthier body. 

The participants are under the guidance of Iranian-American surgeon Younan Nowzaradan, popularly known as "Dr. Now.

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