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'LPBW': Isabel Shares Mateo's 'Severe' Condition – Does It Run in the Family?

Little People, Big World star Isabel Roloff has been rather private about her and Jacob Roloff's son, Mateo. The first-time parents opted to keep their child out of the limelight, which drew mixed reactions from fans.

Despite their decision to keep his privacy, Isabel still shares some details about Mateo. Recently, she revealed that her son has a condition similar to his cousin, Radley.

Little People, Big World: Mateo Roloff Goes Under the Knife

First-time mom Isabel Rock Roloff is very proud of her brave son, Mateo. The LPBW star took to her Instagram Stories and revealed that the two-month-old boy just had a procedure and handled it like a "champion."

According to Izzy, Mateo had surgery for his "severe tongue tie." Frenectomy is a simple procedure, and it seemingly went well since Mateo was able to hang out and enjoy some sun the same day. 

"Today my smol [sic] son had his severe tongue tie revised, and he handled it like a champion," the LPBW mom wrote. 

Despite getting a procedure, little Mateo still made a new friend on the way home. Isabel Roloff said they met a mom with her baby, who has the same age and birthday as Mateo. They ended up exchanging numbers and plan to meet again for a walk with their babies.

LPBW: Isabel Roloff

Pic credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

LPBWRadley Had the Same Medical Condition as Mateo

Interestingly, Mateo is not the only baby in the Roloff family who has the same condition. Radley Knight, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's youngest child, also had surgery to fix his tongue tie. The procedure was done just under a month after he was born. 

Audrey revealed that the same procedure was performed on their eldest child, Ember Jean. Their 4-year-old daughter also had a tongue tie and was operated on when she was still an infant. Both Radley and Ember had their frenectomy "done at the same place."

LPBW: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff

Pic credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

The Little People, Big World star wrote on Instagram: "If you haven't been following me for a while, you don't know about my history with my kids having tongue and lip ties and my breast-feeding issues and mastitis because of that. [So] we decided to fix it."

Tongue-tie or ankyloglossia is a condition that "restricts the tongue's range of motion." Babies who have this condition have difficulty breastfeeding and may develop dental problems. 

Frenectomy is necessary to correct this condition early since the tongue-tie doesn't go away when the baby grows older. There are cases that tongue-tie is hereditary, so there's a chance that the condition runs in the Roloff family.