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Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Ends With Boos – A Disgrace To Boxing?

Boxing fans and the so-called "Logangs" have joined forces to watch one of the most ambitious boxing matches in history. Apparently, Logan Paul did an 8-round exhibition match with arguably one of the best boxers in history, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Things were very heated before the fight. Logan and Floyd had a series of trash-talking during their first faceoff. However, when the two stepped in the ring, things suddenly changed, and fans don't like it.

Logan vs. Floyd – The Much-Awaited Bout

The 8-round boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. was expected to be a very exciting fight. However, the excitement only lasted for a few rounds. Logan landed very few amounts of punches to Floyd. Meanwhile, Floyd seems to hold back and looks very different in the ring.

During the fourth up until the final round, fans have seen nothing but clinching from both fighters. Fans from Twitter even created a meme comparing the fight to a Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick hugged it out during their boxing match.

Logan Paul - Floyd Mayweather

Pic Credit: @loganpaul/Instagram

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather: The Fight Ended With Boos

Floyd Mayweather Jr. did land a few strong hooks to Logan Paul. However, he failed to knock him out or even rocked him, which is upsets the crowd. Apparently, it's highly expected that Paul would go down early in the fight.

However, it appears that Floyd held back and showed "too much" mercy towards Paul. Due to this, fans went booing the match up until the final round as they haven't seen an actual exchange from both fighters.

There were also no judges in the fight. Due to this, the match ended with no official winner. However, the two ended up with a heartwarming message to each other and hugged it out after the fight.

Fans and Mayweather himself are also impressed that Paul lasted with him for 8 rounds.

Logan Paul - Floyd Mayweather

Pic Credit: @loganpaul/Instagram

All For Money?

Fans from social media went wild after the boxing match of Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Apparently, some fans described the match as a "joke" and a disgrace to the boxing community.

However, it appears that Floyd isn't fazed about damaging his reputation. Instead, he flaunted his potential earnings after his fight. During an interview, Floyd said that he'll earn around $50-100 million for his exhibition match with Paul.

It's no secret that Floyd is one of the best businessmen in boxing history. According to reports, Floyd earned around $280 million during his fight with Conor McGregor.