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'Counting On': Jill Duggar Patching Things up With Family Slowly but Surely

Counting On star Jill Duggar seems ready to reconcile with her family. It's no secret that the TLC star and her husband, Derrick Dillard, have estranged themselves from the Duggars for years.

But now, it seems the couple is ready to put the past behind and work on their relationship with the Duggars. Will this be the beginning of a harmonious family?

Counting On: Jill Duggar Working on Healing With Family

Looks like Jill Duggar is eager to work things out with her family after years of drama. During a Q&A session, the Counting On star revealed the current status of their relationship.

Jill said she and the Duggars are now heading towards a healthy relationship. The mother of two admitted that there have been some misunderstandings in the past. However, she's trying her best to make sure that everything turns back to normal.

The Counting On star added it might take a while before they could fully heal from everything they've been through but she's keeping a positive attitude.

"We've had some disagreements, but we're working towards healing definitely and restoration," Jill said. "But we're having to kind of just take some time and heal."


Counting On: Jill Duggar - Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard with their kids. Pic Credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Josh Duggar's Molestation Scandal Affected Jill's Trust To Her Family

Jill Duggar's rift with her family definitely runs deep, especially with Josh Duggar's molestation scandal. The Counting On star is one of the five female family members who have been abused by Josh.

News of the molestation broke in 2015 and things were never the same since then. Many believe that it's one of the reasons why Jill estranged herself from the Duggars.

Although they're eager to patch things up, the Counting On couple is focusing on their "mental and emotional health." At this point, there's definitely no rush as they want everything to resolve when the time's right.

Counting On: Jill Duggar - Derick Dillard

Jill Duggar with her husband Derick Dillard. Pic Credit: @jillmdillard/Instagram

Counting On: Jill Says It's Been Years Since She Last Saw Her Parents

In the same Q&A, Jill Duggar also revealed when was the last time she saw Jim  Bob and Michelle Duggar. The Counting On cast member admitted that she and Derrick Dillard haven't set foot in the "big house" for about two years now.

"We haven't actually been over there in a while, probably like a couple of years, other than once, like, to check the mail," Jill revealed.

Meanwhile, Jill has been reconciling with some of her siblings. At one point, Jill Duggar shared a throwback picture of them together despite their nasty feud, suggesting that they're now heading towards peace.

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