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'Counting On': Jedidiah Duggar Secretly Engaged but Not To Lauren Caldwell?

Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar is reportedly engaged. The son of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is allegedly set to marry his fiancee and eagle-eyed fans managed to find proof of it online.

Initially, Jed was rumored to be courting Lauren Caldwell, Kendra Caldwell's younger sister. There were even claims that they're already engaged. However, new leaks suggest that Jeremiah Duggar's twin brother is engaged to another woman.

Counting On: Jed Duggar Engaged?

Looks like wedding bells are ringing for the Duggar family again. This time around, it's for Jedidiah Duggar and his rumored fiancee. The Counting On star is allegedly engaged to a woman named Kately Nakatsu.

Reality TV blogger Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball broke the news that Jed is set to marry Katelyn. In her post, she claimed the two have multiple wedding registries online.

The screenshot showed the names of Counting On's Jedidiah Duggar and Kately Nakatsu as the groom and bride-to-be. The source noted that many of the items on the list were already purchased, including some dinnerware, cookware, duvet, and even a rifle safe.

Their supposed wedding date was listed as April 30, 2021. If the registry is legit, that means their wedding is incredibly close considering they haven't officially announced their courtship nor engagement.

Counting On: Jedidiah Duggar - Katelyn Nakatsu

Counting On star Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu's rumored wedding registry. Pic credit: @withoutacrystalball/Instagram

Duggar Twins' Love Triangle Rumors

Interestingly, some linked Jeremiah Duggar to Katelyn Nakatsu. Such claims intensified after rumors of Jedidiah Duggar courting Lauren Caldwell surfaced online.

This caused a lot of confusion to Counting On fans, with some speculating that there could be a love triangle between the three. However, the idea seems farfetched as Jim Bob Duggar supervises his kids whenever they're courting.  At this point, Jed and Jeremiah have not confirmed anything yet.

Counting On: Jedidiah Duggar - Jeremiah Duggar

Jedidiah Duggar with his brother Jeremiah Duggar. Pic Credit: @jed_duggar/Instagram

Counting On: More Duggars Weddings This Year

It seems that more Duggars are planning to marry this year. Apparently, Counting On star Justin Duggar recently tied the knot with Claire Spivey. The couple also did a surprising announcement of their wedding ceremony.

Apparently, Justin and Claire previously announced that their wedding is going to be in April 2021. However, the two decided to marry at an earlier date to avoid major attention. The couple's wedding also resulted in some of the Duggar cease firing from their feud with the family.

One of the most notable appearances at Justin's wedding was his sister Jill Duggar. Apparently, Jill has been rebelling against Jim Bob Duggar's strict family rules. However, fans praised Jill for attending her brother's wedding despite her feud with the family.

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