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'Bold and the Beautiful': Where Is Taylor? Krista Allen Responds

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Bold and the Beautiful star Krista Allen breaks her silence about her character's absence on the show lately. Fans quickly noticed that Taylor Hayes hadn't been around, missing important events in her family's lives yet again.

Taylor and Ridge just rekindled their romance. The couple is supposed to spend more screen time together, but that is not the case at all. So why is the renowned psychologist missing in action lately?

Taylor Hayes MIA on Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor Hayes hasn't been on a few episodes, and fans are starting to get worried. Krista Allen's character plays a key role in Bold and the Beautiful's current storyline. That said, it's surprising not to see her on-screen as much lately.

The last time viewers saw Taylor was when she surprised Ridge Forrester with the beach house she bought from Wyatt Spencer. Since then, she's been missing out on important scenes, particularly Thomas Forrester's successful fashion show.

Of course, she also misses out on scenes with Ridge Forrester. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease he will struggle with his decision to annul Brooke Logan. He could definitely use some comfort and support from Taylor.

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Fans React to Taylor's Absence

"Tridge" fans were quick to react about Krista Allen's absence from B&B. They think the timing of her break is not ideal for the current storyline with Ridge Forrester.

Some fear that the actress will be out of the show soon. Others noted that Taylor Hayes seems to lay low while more scenes with Brooke Logan are being played out. Some even think Taylor's absence is intentional, so that Brooke outshines her.

There's no official announcement about Allen taking a break from Bold and the Beautiful. November sweeps cited upcoming scenes with Taylor Hayes, so she's definitely coming back soon.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes
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Krista Allen Teases More Drama Ahead for Taylor

Meanwhile, Krista Allen reacted to fans asking where Taylor Hayes is. The Bold and the Beautiful star took to Twitter and playfully responded to tweets about her whereabouts.

As expected, Allen has been rather mum about what exactly she is up to now. However, she did tell her fans that she missed them. When asked why Taylor isn't around much, she only responded with ghost and heart emojis.

Bold and the Beautiful: Taylor Hayes
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One user noted that it's quite common for cast members to take the back burner, especially if the character needs some time off. However, Allen clarified that she's not on vacation at the moment.

So will we see Taylor back on our screens soon? Most likely. And Allen teased that her comeback will bring more exciting plot twists to B&B.

"Deep breaths and buckle up," Allen responded to a tweet asking about her return. It's going to be a November to remember for Taylor Hayes on Bold and the Beautiful.


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