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'Bold and the Beautiful' Star Diamond White Makes History With New Role

Bold and the Beautiful star Diamond White gets to showcase her acting talents in front of and behind the camera. The 24-year-old actress, who plays the fashionable Paris Buckingham, recently landed a starring role in Disney's Marvel-based animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.

White is the voice behind Moon Girl, also known as Lunella Lafayette. The character is the first Black teen superheroine, which the actress is very proud of.

Bold and the Beautiful: Diamond White Embraces New Role

Diamond White immediately fell in love with her latest role, partly because of its impact on younger kids. The B&B star is thrilled to voice the titular role and represent young black girls in the series.

"It feels so beautiful. I can't even describe it," the actress enthuses. "I love the message that one girl can make a difference. It's cool to be smart. It's cool to be into quantum physics. It's cool to be a great achiever. It also shows, with her family, the importance of community and love."

White is also ecstatic about the diversity of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. She finds it "cool just to see all the different flavors" in an "all-inclusive" show.

Bold and the Beautiful: Diamond White - Paris Buckingham

Image Credit: Diamond White/Instagram

White Hands-On With 'Beautiful' Character

Diamond White finds her new role, Moon Girl, relatable. In an interview, the Bold and the Beautiful actress shares her hands-on approach with the teen superhero.

White reveals that there's an episode where Lunella Lafayette gets her first perm. The actress incorporates her own experiences growing up, making the scenes even more true to life.

"I think it will be really sweet for many young girls to see someone like them, with the poof balls and dark skin," the singer adds. "I actually made a list of all the things I've experienced as a Black woman and getting my first perm, and they made it into an episode where Jennifer Hudson is voicing my hair."

Will We See Her on MCU?

Meanwhile, Diamond White reveals the reason why she decided to accept her latest role. The Bold and the Beautiful star says she's always wanted to play a superhero character.

White also admits she's not closing the door to the possibility of an older Moon Girl joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She says the idea crossed her mind, and it's something she's very much willing to do.

"(Those thoughts) have crossed my mind, I don't know if they've crossed the mind of the higher-ups at Marvel or Disney, but you know, you got a girl right here who could do it," White adds. "I'm super excited to see where it goes."