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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Sheila Finds Ally in Paris Against Steffy?

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers hint evil Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) will have someone on her side. All signs are pointing to Paris Buckingham (Diamond White). B&B viewers have watched Paris lend John "Finn" Finnegan a sympathetic ear with his conflicting emotions regarding his birth mother.

Giving Sheila's dangerous obsession with her family, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has taken a hard stance against her twisted mother-in-law. As a result, Finn has been confiding in Paris. However, Ms. Buckingham has developed deepening feelings for the hunky doc. She has also expressed sympathy for Sheila.

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the weeks of September 27 to October 8 speculate that Sheila will receive dubious advice. Will that advice come from Paris on the CBS soap?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Paris Crosses Paths With Sheila?

Paris recently decided to move out of the cliff house. She has been fantasizing about Finn. Given the fact that he is happily married, it does seem like a wise move. The Bold And The Beautiful fans believe Paris will run into Sheila at the cliff house. Sheila keeps showing up there even though she is not welcome.

The odds of them running into each other are high. They may strike up a conversation. Sheila would realize that Paris has compassion for her plight. After all, she only wants a relationship with her son and grandson. She might also pick up on Paris's feelings for Finn.

Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy - Sheila

Pic credit: CBS

Bold and the Beautiful fans know Ms. Carter is a skilled manipulator. She could have Paris under her thumb in no time. However, Paris may be a willing accomplice to Sheila. Her father lied about a baby's death and sold the baby. Her sister kept the secret for months. It is not a stretch to believe that she can turn to the dark side too.

How Far Would Paris Go For 'Love' On  B&B?

There is no doubt that Finn and Paris are naive when it comes to Sheila. Finn's birth mother will go to any lengths to get what she wants, including murder. How far would Paris go to get Finn?

There is no question, Sheila would love to get rid of Steffy. With her daughter-in-law out of the way, there is a clear path to Finn and her grandson. This thought could appeal to Paris because Finn would be available.

Bold and the Beautiful: Paris - Flynn

Pic credit: CBS

Paris would be a valuable ally for Sheila. Steffy and Finn trust her implicitly. More importantly, she has access to Sheila's grandson. Surely Sheila would take advantage of that!

Paris has made a good life for herself. She has a great job and friends in Los Angeles. She seems to know that Finn is unavailable, which is why she is moving from the cliff house. Teaming up with Sheila would only ruin her life. Would she risk it all for Finn on The Bold And The Beautiful?