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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Ridge and Taylor Make a Vow

Bold And The Beautiful spoilers know that Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) and Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) have suffered. The cause of their misery has often been Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown). 

In the past, Sheila shot Taylor, and she was presumed dead. Consequently, Taylor missed out on years with her family. Sheila also shot Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) at the time, but she survived. 

Not to mention that Sheila made attempts on Stephanie Forrester's (Susan Flannery) life. That is just a small number of the ways that Sheila has terrorized the Forrester family.

During Sheila's current reign of terror, she shot her son. John "Finn" Finnegan (Tanner Novlan) is also presumed dead. However, no one knows that Finn is alive and under Sheila's care. 

B&B spoilers for the week of June 27 to July 1 reveal that Sheila and Mike Guthrie (Ken Hanes) will work together to aid in Finn's recovery. That may be difficult for Sheila as she is an escaped convict. Many people would feel safer if Sheila was behind bars on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter - Finn Finnegan

Pic credit: CBS

B&B: Ridge and Taylor Make a Vow

Sheila also shot Ridge and Taylor's daughter. Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) nearly lost her life. Moreover, Steffy was left to grieve the loss of her husband. 

When Sheila was hauled off to prison, she vowed that the Forresters had not seen the last of her. Now Sheila is on the loose. Thankfully, Steffy and the children are in Europe. However, Ridge and Taylor could be in danger. After all, they did help put Sheila in prison.

Nevertheless, Ridge and Taylor will make a choice not to live in fear. Bold And The Beautiful spoilers for the week of June 27 to July 1 divulge that they will make a vow. 

The duo will claim that they will not allow Sheila to escape justice this time. Ridge and Taylor do not know the damage Sheila has caused since she broke out of prison.

They might have a hard time getting Sheila to pay for her crimes. After all, Sheila has a strong incentive to remain free on Bold And The Beautiful.

Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge Forrester - Taylor Hayes

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Can Sheila Avoid Prison on Bold and the Beautiful?

B&B spoilers for the week indicate that Finn will flatline. But Sheila and Mike will be able to bring him back. 

Finn will wake up and eventually remember that Sheila shot him. She will beg for forgiveness. 

Still, Sheila was aiming for Steffy, so Finn may not be so forgiving. Moreover, Finn does not know everything that she has done.

Bold and the Beautiful: Sheila Carter

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Ridge and Taylor know that they almost lost their daughter, thanks to Sheila. Then there is Li Finnegan (Naomi Matsuda). No one knows that Sheila caused Li to lose control of her car. 

Li perished when her burning car sank into the water. Sheila's list of crimes just keeps growing. Yet Sheila never truly faces the consequences. Can Ridge and Taylor bring Sheila to justice on The Bold And The Beautiful?