Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Sheila Carter
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'Bold and the Beautiful' Spoilers: Bill Turns Sheila In – Ends Up the Hero?

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Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease another shocking plot twist ahead. Bill Spencer recently revealed his unexpected alliance with Sheila Carter. But it looks like he has more sneaky moves up his sleeve.

Steffy Forrester and Finn Finnegan were taken aback when Bill defended Sheila at all costs. He seemed determined to keep the fugitive out of jail despite her crimes. The two even shared a passionate kiss, proving just how deep their relationship is.

But B&B spoilers for next week reveal that Bill might just turn things around. Will he change his mind about helping Sheila?

Bill Makes Another Shocking Move

Sheila Carter may have manipulated Bill Spencer into helping her, but for how long? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for January 2 to 6 tease that Dollar Bill will suddenly change his tune.

Apparently, Bill will hand over Sheila to authorities after realizing he can't bear hurting Steffy Forrester. Added spoilers note that Deputy Chief Baker will finally apprehend the fugitive after months of hiding.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers next week hint at Steffy being confused by Bill's conflicting statement. Still, she'll be grateful that he did the right thing. But can he really be trusted?

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Sheila Carter
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Bill Impresses Katie

Meanwhile, Katie Logan will learn about Bill Spencer's supposed heroic act. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for January 2 to 6 reveal that she will be impressed by her ex-husband's latest move. She'll be thrilled that Bill finally put Sheila Carter back in jail.

Will it be enough to change Katie's mind about getting back together with Bill? Things have been going smoothly between her and Carter Walton, so it's unlikely to happen — at least for now.

Further Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Bill will ask a question after making a tough decision. Perhaps he'll ask himself if he does the right thing. Or maybe he'll wonder if his move will finally change how people perceive him.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer
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Is Bill the Real Hero on Bold and the Beautiful?

But is Bill Spencer the real hero? Bold and the Beautiful rumors suggest that turning Sheila Carter in is part of their sinister plan.

Bill made it clear that he'll defend Sheila no matter what. He even threatened Steffy that he'd press charges against Taylor Hayes if Sheila went back to jail.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer - Steffy Forrester
Pic credit: CBS

Could it be that Bill intentionally handed over Sheila to make her a free woman for good? Perhaps he'll continue to blackmail Steffy and Finn. He might ask the couple to drop all the criminal charges against Sheila. That way, she could be off the hook for the time being.

Did Bill fool Sheila into thinking that he was on her side? Or is he really turning his back on Steffy and choosing the dark side on Bold and the Beautiful?


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